Tuesday, January 9, 2018


(Edited and updated January 13, 2018)


It seems that a sense of humor has disappeared from our collective conscience!

The blogger was treated to the above picture from a collection of clothes by H and M clothing company today, and it made him grin! Not only was the comment and the picture cute and clever, but it seems that instead of taking it in stride, some people went over the edge and decided that this was the most awful thing that ever had been created. So, a couple of detractors got this piece of clothing with its inscription removed from the company's supplies.
Some humans DO look like Jungle Bunnies, so this should not create any problem. "Tarzan of the Apes" was an enormously popular character in the movies. "Planet of the Apes" was a popular movie, too. Funny how no-one complained. Some dog owners look like their dogs, too. Witness the Cruella De Ville character in the "101 Dalmatians" movie, for instance? How come no one complains about that? It seems everywhere you go nowadays, mental midgets fail to see anything funny about people or their resemblance to our animal friends. Yet, all that having been said, have you noticed the vulgar and dirty Tee Shirts that abound, and that no one complains about them? Apparently, dirt and filth is fine, but heaven help those who try to see the humor in us all!
Recently, someone with a sense of humor went to the trouble of putting up illegal signs in California to make a political point. Here are two examples:

It is time that people start seeing themselves for the stupid, brain-dead morons they sometimes are! And since political satire has always been with us in all civilizations, we may as well get used to it. Otherwise, pretty soon just LOOKING at someone will be a criminal offense!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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