Tuesday, September 20, 2016



You may wonder at the title of this short article! The Federal Reserve System in the United States is a "Central Bank" that is 100% PRIVATELY owned. The list of their stockholders is mind boggling. It is not my intent here to rehash the public information readily available on the workings of what is known as "The Fed!"
I just simply point out that the "Federal Deserve" does what they do because they simply think they are the "Masters of the Economic Universe," and that they DESERVE all the benefits that accrue therefrom!
One of the publicly stated goals of the "Deserve" is to maintain "full employment" while at the same time assuring growth of the economy and maintaining an "inflation rate of 2%!" How lovely! First, full employment is not possible to achieve by this organization. Only when the market economy is doing well, can such an idea be realized. Second, they make it sound like 2% inflation is both necessary and desirable. But if you do the math, over a decade of 2% inflation translates into a very significant loss of purchasing power of the Dollar. Everything gets more expensive!
So, the real purpose of the "Deserve," is to maintain control while constantly depreciating the value of the Dollar, and at the same time creating maximum confusion for the average "Joe," whose mind is often occupied with social media and other unimportant things. Many times, he is not much more productive or brighter than a wet paper bag full of oranges!
Lately, with the economy in the tank, the Baltic Dry Index at depression area lows, the Railroad Index in the same bathtub, and shipping conglomerates like Hanjin going bankrupt, it is obvious something is not right. But the "talking heads" are constantly yapping about how "great" things are!

     Over the past several months, Central Bankers in the United States (translate private bankers) have been “goosing the markets” by making the most childish, contradictory, and utterly mindless comments. Are they just stupid, or are they trying to confuse us? Anyone with a modicum of sense, knows the Dollar has been “on the skids” for a 100 years. “Trends in motion” are likely to stay in motion, regardless of what the “clowns” are saying. So, what is the point?

     Well, Janet Yellen, the thoroughly incompetent Fed Chair, indicated at the Jackson Hole Symposium in August 2016 that interest rates were not likely to go up. Almost immediately Fisher, another “Fed Head” came out and “contradicted” his boss! Not too long after that, a series of “Fed Heads” talked out of both sides of their mouths on the subject of raising interest rates! The markets have been going crazy “trying to figure out” where the Fed is “headed.” Anyone who reads economic statistics on a regular basis, can easily conclude that things are not rosy in “River City!” So, the only outcome here can only be to give people false hopes, and prevent them from thinking clearly and acting rationally for themselves.

     Here is a chart of the PROBABILITY of rate hikes over the past few months! Anybody want to play a game called CONFUSION?? There is NO confusion. It is all a game of smoke and mirrors. Nothing will change. Dollar destruction will continue! Count on it, regardless of what the “talking heads” have to say!

 The above chart of the "Probabilities of a Rate Hike" shows the degree of unnecessary confusion intentionally sowed by members of the Fed Boards across the United States!

I have displayed the source of the chart itself for those of you readers who may want to explore the idea more thoroughly. Yes, good people, we truly do live in "interesting times!" I would just point out that this sort of stuff has happened before in the United States, and for that matter, in other "civilizations" in the world. The road to "Third World" status is paved with rotten intentions and well-scripted economic ruin.

Written by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst


Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Fearless young Zimbabweans face up to world's oldest leader. 

So headlines a CNN video and picture report dated September 14, 2016. Here is the link you can copy and paste into your browser:


 Communist Dictator Robert Mugabe

Why now, CNN? For years CNN has, like so many other news organizations in the United States, ignored the problems of Zimbabwe. After all, the economic disaster there must not be trumpeted too loudly! We also need to remember it was THE WEST THAT WANTED MUGABE in power, not the peoples (tribes) of the country! The West, and the West alone bears 100% liability for the trashing of Rhodesia! President George Bush was perhaps the biggest promoter of Mugabe, gushing his praise for the bloodthirsty savage! Oh, I know, we recently heard about "Cecil the Lion" and that created a hysteria against a Minneapolis, Minnesota dentist who traveled to Zimbabwe and shot the lion by mistake. But beyond that, little of the real problems or their cause in Zimbabwe is mentioned.

In 1980 Rhodesia was a prosperous WHITE RUN country with no debt, a sound agricultural economy that was a magnet for blacks in Africa who wanted a better job and a better life. All that ended when White Traitor Ian Smith literally turned over the reins of government to an incompetent black tribalist Communist dictator  named Robert Mugabe. I have penned several articles on this blog about the matter, and also included BBC articles on the recent bald-faced stealing of a White Farmer's tobacco lands and giving them without compensation to a black doctor who reportedly practices in England. See previous posts.......

In those posts I have highlighted and featured my own personal sources from a Zulu friend in South Africa: pictures of Mugabe and his palace in Harare, the nation's capitol. Mugabe lives in opulent splendor while the people starve!


I also penned an article published in THE BARNES REVIEW history magazine called the RUINATION OF A NATION, which is posted here on my blog.

Now, for some reason, CNN has made a featured article with a video interview of people in Zimbabwe who are openly resisting Robert Mugabe and his thugs. The pictures featured on CNN show opposition people with shirts emblazoned with the Slogan MUGABE MUST GO! Are we being treated to another orchestrated removal of the tyrant, or is this the real thing? Only time will tell for sure.

Meetings held in Private Homes according to CNN

When asked if they fear for their lives, most opposition people agree that is possible that they can be beaten and or murdered by Mugabe's own troops, who up to now have been loyal to him. However, even that is not to be taken for granted anymore, if the CNN report is to be believed.

Heavily armed Police and Military In Zimbabwe


A Protestor throws a sign in Harare

Mobs at work in Harare, Zimbabwe, according to CNN

Police "at work" in Harare

It will be interesting to see what develops. Does the indigenous population (the multiple tribes) of Zimbabwe have the courage, commitment and ability to get rid of this can of worms? Or will one set of bad government be replaced by something worse? Or even worse yet, is this just another orchestrated attempt to make some changes in the country through outside intervention?  The question is a valid one!

Written by Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst, 
featuring photographs from the CNN article referenced above.

Friday, September 9, 2016



(The following story has been updated!)

It is no secret anymore that almost all American "mainstream" media is in Jewish hands. They have an agenda, censor what they want, ignore what they don't like, and often bash anyone who disagrees. 

As Facebook's, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is both Jewish and a very powerful censor with deep connections. He has been caught in a number of embarrassing positions of late. In an earlier blog, I noted that he bought property in Hawaii where he built a wall around it. He also was quick to blast Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for wanting "to build a wall" to keep out illegal aliens along our southern border. He suggested we needed to be more accommodating than that! I further noted what a hypocrite "Zuckie" is. One set of rules for him, another for Trump.

Now, it seems he has the Norwegian Newspaper AFTENPOSTEN in a ditherm because he censored THEM! AFTENPOSTEN is the largest daily paper in Norway, published continuously for more than 120 years! They posted an iconic image from the Vietnam War that has become known as the NAPALM GIRL. It shows a naked girl and other children fleeing in terror from napalm drops by US Forces. It also shows US Soldiers in the background.

The following quotation is taken from the  CNN link which you can copy and paste into your browser:


The editor of a top Norwegian newspaper on Thursday addressed an open letter to Zuckerberg saying he was "upset, disappointed -- well, in fact even afraid" over the impact of Facebook algorithms on media freedom.

Espen Egil Hansen said his newspaper, Aftenposten, received a demand from Facebook on Wednesday to remove the iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl fleeing a napalm attack.
"Less than 24 hours after the email was sent, and before I had time to give my response, you intervened yourselves and deleted the article as well as the image from Aftenposten's Facebook page," Hansen wrote.

Presumably, Facebook feels this is pornographic. Nonsense. It is simply an image that galvanized public opinion very much against the Vietnam War at the time, and was listed on AFTENPOSTEN'S website as a news image. It is done for the same reason here. There is nothing pornographic about it. The girl, now grown up and living in Canada, gave an interesting interview sometime back. It can be found here by copying and pasting into your browser:


According to this article on CNN, she made the following comments:
She began to think about what the photograph could give, rather than what it could take away.
Eventually, the photo became much more than a depiction of a moment in time to Phuc -- it became what she calls "a path to peace."
"I realized that if I couldn't escape that picture, I wanted to go back to work with that picture for peace. And that is my choice."
'I can work with that picture for peace'
In her interview, which was described as a lesson in forgiveness was featured by CNN. CNN has its own problems with censorship and what it chooses to report as news, but in this case, the report is/was accurate! 

Mark Zuckerberg is, in my estimation, an idiot to allow himself to get into these kinds of situations. He is simply doing what comes natural to many of his kind.  But, idiot or not, his goal is the same as many of his tribe, and that is to censor anything he disagrees with. The only justification for his action is that it is part of a plan to keep people "in line" with respect to what they think and say. It is a bald-faced violation of First Amendment Rights of people in the United States. He even has gone so far as to suggest that Facebook will decide what is news and what is "false news." Maybe what "Zuckie" needs to do is to move to a country where censorship is a way of life. He has no business here! I also have a solid reason to suspect, that an image posted to MY Facebook account by an outside party, was removed. The outside party tells me he he did not remove it. Since I did not either; that leaves Facebook with egg on its face!

Written and updated by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst