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The following article is presented in its entirety, and is lifted from the Kitco website ( It seems that corporations today have completely lost their minds. Marc Faber is a Swiss famed newsletter writer and economist who has been around for a long time. Sometimes his views are not appreciated by certain groups, either because he is very blunt, honest and to the point, OR because he uses expressions that the "Thought Police" do not like. Faber has sat on a number of mining company boards and has been sought after for such positions because of his in-depth financial and other expertise.
In his last newsletter (THE GLOOM, BOOM AND DOOM REPORT), he had nerve enough to express himself in a manner that the Racial Thought Police did not like. As a result, he was then summarily kicked off at least three boards. You can read the story here. A couple of comments are quoted from his newsletter. When he was asked to apologize for his remarks, he stated: "Apologize for what? Telling the truth?"

Marc Faber Kicked Off Three Gold Companies After Racist Comments

Kitco News

(Kitco News) - The precious metals sector is distancing itself from racially charged comments from famed investor and gold bug Marc Faber, who has been removed from the boards of directors of three companies.
The first to announce Faber's removal was Sprott Inc., a global leader in the precious metals market, managing a variety of gold trusts, funds and exchange-traded products. Currently, the firm manages assets valued at around $10 billion.
““The recent comments by Dr. Faber are deeply disappointing and are completely contradictory with the views of Sprott and its employees,” said Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott. “We pride ourselves on being a diverse organization and comments of this sort will not be tolerated. We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace for all of our employees and we extend the same respect to our clients and investors.”
Following Sprott's announcement, Nova Gold said that it had asked and accepted Faber's resignation from its board of directors. Also, late Tuesday evening, Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN) removed him from its board.
"Ivanhoe Mines’ values of equality, respect and dignity for all people are a fundamental underpinning of the company’s enterprise and the conduct of every aspect of its business. There is zero tolerance for racism. Ivanhoe Mines disagrees with, and deplores, the personally held views about race that Marc Faber has published in his current investment newsletter," the company said in a statement.
Faber is being spurned by the investment community following comments in this latest newsletter, saying that the U.S. is great primarily because it is ruled by white people.
"And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority," he wrote.
When Kitco News reached out for a comment, Faber said, "apologize for what? For stating the truth?"
By Kitco News For Kitco News

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This blogger has a suggestion to the morons of the world who have problems with truth: Grow Up and Shut Up! If more people had the guts to say what Faber has said, maybe a lot of misconceptions would clear up. This business of becoming "inclusive" is just another word for mediocrity. Why not just let everyone rise to the natural height of their incompetence instead of trying to legislate nature?

Because that does not suit the "powers-that-be!"

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The Barnes Review History Magazine is celebrating 24 years of politically incorrect history. The September/October Edition is book-bound rather than staple-bound and is expanded to 112 pages. In this edition, DEFENDING DIXIE, you will find a great compilation of articles on the Confederacy which provides a completely different view of Southern history than what the colleges, press and government touts. TBR now offers an on-line edition which will be of help to our overseas readers! We invite you copy and paste the following address into your browser and subscribe:

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the memoirs of a Confederate soldier.

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THE BARNES REVIEW history magazine has been released. This Special Edition issue is entitled DEFENDING DIXIE, and unlike the popular, regular format of TBR over the years, this special edition is not stapled, but book-bound and is expanded to over 110 pages. The Barnes Review also now features an on-line edition. The on-line edition includes several years worth of magazines, with new ones being added. Check it out! Here is a look at the cover:

The entire issue is a factual and dynamic response to the culture and history-destroying garbage bandied about in the maniacal American media recently about taking down monuments to our history and the past. The blogger has an article on page 36 entitled REBEL PRIVATE FRONT AND REAR, which is a brief look at the memoirs of a Confederate soldier's daily life. It is a fascinating account of a man "who was there." 
An interview with the blogger and writer of the article was conducted on October 11, 2017 by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and the show will air on October 26th, 2017. 

William A. Fletcher

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