Saturday, April 30, 2016



A Trail in "Devils Garden," Arches National Park

It sometimes can be very depressing to continually view the troubles of the World, and hearing or witnessing the bad news with which we are constantly bombarded. If that were not enough; we have to endure all the financial problems and conspiracies that we learn about. In such situations, we have a CHOICE; we can either endure or circumvent them! It is our duty to make the best choices in such matters! 
There is, however, one constant that provides solace, peace, inspiration and encouragement. It is easily available; found everywhere. For me it is necessary to seek out and observe such opportunities! Here, I want to share a few examples with you!

 Climbing a "Fin" in Arches National Park

Regardless of Mankind’s foibles and ability to create mischief and mayhem, Mother Nature is pretty consistent.  She has her tempers, too, with both storm and eruptions. But, she also has created some of the most delightful scenery and experiences for those who take the time to view and experience it all. It reminds us how LUCKY we really are and why it is so important to have our heads screwed on correctly while many others are losing their heads!

Arches National Park Composite
There are some things in life that are a "Must-See." Arches National Park located in the Four-Corner area of southeast Utah, is definitely on that list. The utterly incredible scenery, the shapes of the rocks, the "arches" both formed and still forming, are food for the soul.  The area is constantly changing with wind, water and sand at work. The rocks that resist erosion result in new forms and shapes. The "primitive trails” (That means those that go over and around rocks, fins and slopes and through washes are "marked" with cairns!), is what makes this place soooo special. And having a hiking companion that appreciates it all as I do, is a must! Thanks so much to my daughter Inga for being there with me! It was a splendid experience!

"Delicate Arch" Composite
This was our hike to "Delicate Arch," one of the most well-known attractions in Arches National Park! The trail starts out a paved one, then rapidly disappears into Slick-Rock, follows a watercourse or two marked by Cairns, and then goes up the north face of a rock overlooking an arch-in-the-making. Suddenly, around a corner at Trails-End we come upon Delicate Arch, sitting on the edge of a cliff. It is a lone survivor of the forces of erosion at work here. Most people seem to want to be pictured "under the arch" for some reason. Regardless, the size of the attraction is obvious from looking at the "ant-like" folks who go there!
                                   * * *

Returning to home ground during a gentle Spring Rain after our trip to Arches, I found a great sight that did not require travel at all! The Sky opened....the Sun peeped out....and lo! There is a "pot o' Gold" at the end of a Rainbow! That's a fairy tale, of course, as we all know. But the Rainbow (actually a DOUBLE one) is a sight to behold! I wonder if it’s a stretch to say there are TWO “pots o’ Gold” here! At days end, the sun peeked out and for a ten minute period, the hillside was bathed in brilliant light as is always the case after a rain. The angle of the light was such as to create a double rainbow! More food for the soul!

Written, Photographed and Posted by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Friday, April 15, 2016



The Beauty of The Oslo Fjord in Norway

     Over the last 50 or more years, the White World of the West has been inundated by a sickness that can best be described as self-destruction. I never thought I would see the day when the Viking mentality that existed in Scandinavia would fall to such a low level as to be almost completely unrecognizable. I suppose it is safe to say that if you repeat the same mantra over and over again, especially to the young, the stupid, the impressionable, the believers, and the brainwashed, it is a foregone conclusion that the result is disaster.

     From Norway recently, comes the incredible tale of a left-wing oriented man, a politician no less, who was gang raped by Somali immigrants. He is identified as Karsten Nordal Hauken. One of the men was caught; sentenced to four years in a Norwegian prison. After serving his term, he would then be deported back to Somalia. Rape is common method of tribal warfare in Africa that has existed since the beginning of time. It is neither common, nor a culturally accepted way of behavior in Scandinavia or the West.

     Not only does this political mental midget not feel bad about his experience, but he even went so far as to ask that the man not be deported because his actions were the result of a different culture and mentality. In addition, this utterly insane politician felt “guilt and remorse” about his situation! I wonder if he will feel any guilt or remorse if his animal attacker is let loose on Norway’s society and performs his same miracle again?


     Somalis and Muslims simply have nothing in common with Norway, its culture or its people, or for that matter anywhere else in the West. They will never, ever assimilate. I have seen NRK (Norway’s National Broadcaster known in Norway as Norsk Riks Kringcasting) videos of Extreme Sports from Norway showing snowboarders in incredible performances. The overriding feature of the events (but not mentioned or readily observed) is that there are no black or brown types of people shown! In one instance, a Japanese girl won top prize for her efforts, but no African country or Muslim was represented in the event. Why? Well, can you even IMAGINE snow or skiers in Somalia?????

     A while back, the anniversary of Norway’s Constitutional Assembly at Eidsvold in 1814 was reenacted and celebrated. NRK again carried the festivities live throughout Norway. The cameras constantly panned the audience, which was enthusiastic. But I failed to see any Somalis, blacks, browns or Muslims present! Is there a reason? Of course! There is nothing in these kinds of activities that appeal to most of these peoples! It is a Viking tradition that means little or nothing to them. In addition, many immigrants to Norway demonstrate against their host country and burn their flag. Isn’t it wonderful how multicultural societies are such a success and such great examples????


     The following photograph shows what happens! Look at this bunch of "retards" who are ungrateful to their “host country,” and demonstrate their ungratefulness and contempt by burning the country’s flag and demanding a separate state within a state!

 Photograph from The Barnes Review History Magazine, March/April Edition 2016

     And yet, brainwashers and the brainwashed will tell you with a straight face we are all the same, “skin color” is of no importance and that it is just environment that makes the difference! If you try to promote your own people you are called names! Nice, isn’t it? How long will our people put up with this shit? And that’s what it is!

     Take Israel, as an example of the biggest whiner on Earth, is always complaining about how they or their people have been mistreated over the years. True or not, they operate the biggest concentration camp in the world called Gaza, without so much as a bit of shame. They also forbid interracial marriages. Israel has even gone so far as to segregate hospitals because some Jewish folks don’t feel comfortable with Arab neighbors! Can you imagine the hell and damnation that would be raised in the West if we did the same?!

     The world has gone mad folks, and Mad People Disease is the order of the day! If it is carried to its extreme, it is race elimination pure and simple! Look reality in the eye and stand up for your own kind! Other people have no shame doing that and neither should we!

Enjoy all the “festivities” while you can!

Written and Posted by

                 Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst