Saturday, May 14, 2016



A Baby Robin Ready to Fly!

It is said that Spring and Robins go together. In some ways they do. Often, Robins are one of the first birds in the Northern Hemisphere to make their Spring appearance. Sometimes they seem to appear a little early, sometimes it seems just right. But one thing is sure, THEY KNOW when the time is right! Therefore, they are often a promise of Spring, forecasting that a new season is about to begin!
One Spring, a family of Robins decided that our porch was a great place to nest. It was protected from rains, was quiet and dry, and we did not bother them. Some Robins can be skittish, but this Mother and Father was not; over the course of some weeks I was able to observe them and create a picture tour of their lives. It was possible to get within a few feet of them. Although the Mother Robin was watchful, she tolerated my presence. The Father Robin was proud and a bit stand-offish, but he too, seemed to understand that no harm would come to them.
Here then, is a picture montage of the family affairs of the Robins that paid us a visit, honoring us with their antics and presence. There was no "relationship problems" here! Both adult birds understood not only their roles, but their purpose in life as well, wasting little time with trivialities. They were dedicated to their job! 

This Montage shows (clockwise from upper left) 1) Mother and Father Robin bringing gifts of food for hungry youngsters, 2) the Father Robin with a huge insect in his beak, 3) both Robins feeding the young, 4) three baby birds with their eyes and beaks wide open, 5) Mother Robin stuffing "goodies" down hungry, demanding throats, 6) and Mother Robin watching and posing for a portrait of her and her brood! The Centerpiece vignette features a newborn "sweetheart" with its eyes closed and beak wide open for feeding! The expression "all mouth" comes to mind!

Written, Photographed and Posted
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst