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Pippi Longstocking from a cartoon cell 

It was bound to happen. The politically correct goons (translate cultural communists and feminists) who now run the country of Sweden have started a purge of Pippi Longstocking books (pronounced Pip-ee), perhaps the most popular children's books in Sweden and in much of the world where the books have been translated and distributed. The reason? Why, they are "racist," of course!
Here is what the news-site BREITBARD says:
A Swedish council has admitted that local libraries have been throwing out copies of a popular children’s book because it contains racist expressions, with one local journalist even claiming the books are being burnt.
Older versions of the Pippi Langstrumpf [Pippi Longstocking] book entitled ‘Pippi in the South Seas,’ have been discarded by libraries in the Botkyrka municipality.
The Botkyrka council has denied claims by Swedish investigative journalist Janne Josefsson that libraries are specifically targeting Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Langstrumpf books, explaining that getting rid of books is a necessary process ‘in order for the space in the shelves to be sufficient.’
They stated that they get rid of books which are ‘worn out,’ ‘outdated’ or ‘have not been borrowed for a long time,’ but admitted to disposing of the Pippi Langstrumpf copies due to ‘racist’ content and replacing them with newer editions without the ‘racial’ phrases.

The new edition of the book has replaced the phrase ‘king of the Negroes’ or ‘Negro king’ – in reference to Pippi’s father, who Pippi and her friends find in the Canny Canny Islands after his mysterious disappearance – with ‘king of the South Seas’ or ‘South Sea king.’
The Pippi Langstrumpf series has also been condemned in the past as using ‘colonial racist stereotypes’ by a German theologian, who described one scene in ‘Pippi in the South Seas’ where black children throw themselves into the sand in front of white children.
“The culled specimens of ‘Pippi in the South Seas’ have been discarded and handled according to the same routines as all other obsolete books”, said the local authority.

               A still from a movie about Pippi Longstocking

                 The Front Cover of one of the Pippi Books

                           Another cover from a Pippi Book
In my recently released book AN IMMIGRANT REMEMBERS, I wrote a paragraph about Pippi Longstocking, and how my parents read these books to my sister and me when we were children. I in turn have read the books to MY children. Here is what I wrote on page 81:

My mother’s reverie was interrupted by the nurse and midwife
who informed the “all clear” was given, and she could go back to her own room. There was no bombing. So, any peace plans my mother might have wanted to make were put on hold for the duration! One day, the nurse came in and asked mother if she would be a "guinea pig" for a couple of nurse candidates who were being given their final exam. Since there was not much to do except read, mother consented readily, wanting to know what she should do. "Well, we don't normally do this sort of thing in the nursery," she said, but mother could go and be cared for in there by the two candidates. "What shall I wear?" mother wanted to know. The outfit was decided upon and the details worked out. The show began the very next morning. Mother was always good at describing people. The two nurse candidates were young, beautiful and decidedly nervous; the examining nurses were stern and wore expressions of hags! Mother compared them to the characters in the "Pippi Longstocking" (Pip ee) books! If you have not read them, they are worth it! My folks read them to me when I was a little boy; I in turn read them to my kids. Basically, they are children's books written by Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish author who had enough clout to worry the Swedish prime minister when she opened her mouth in public! She knew how to successfully appeal to children by writing as they would think; the books are a riot. Pippi was a girl with bright yellow braids who was enormously strong. She could lift a horse with two hands, could easily remove two policemen from her house with her arms and carry them into the street by their belt buckles when they tried to force her to go to public school! She lived alone in a house with a small monkey and a horse which she kept in her kitchen! She had a bag of gold coins inherited from her deceased father, a sea captain and former ruler of a group of South Sea cannibals! And her two best friends were a couple of nice, normal kids, a brother and sister who lived next door. When the local old female busybodies decided she needed to go to school Pippi taught them a lesson they did not quickly forget! So, when mother compared the examining nurses to the book characters, I "got the picture!"

Author Astrid Lindgren with a copy of one of her books

This kind of stupidity reminds me of the destruction and banning of BLACK FAIRY TALES: THE ORIGINAL TALES OF UNCLE REMUS which contain almost 300 stories from the old plantation days in the American South. They are denied to generations of black youth who have missed a huge portion of their heritage for the same absurd reason that somehow the tales are "racist!" The idiocy never ends.

                        The Cover from an Uncle Remus Book

 Cartoon Character Huckleberry Hound tells 
Uncle Remus Stories to kids!

 The jacket from an Album featuring songs from WALT DISNEY'S SONG OF THE SOUTH, a popular movie of the day.

"Uncle Remus" as played by an actor in Walt Disney's  

It is time to end the war on cultures, allow people to be themselves and stop censorship of the marvelous stories from history. The people that do the censoring are really and truly the biggest bigots of all time!!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst


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Many countries of the world have penalties for entering illegally. One of them is Mexico! 

A country like the United States of America cannot hope to remain sovereign and independent when immigrants from foreign countries are allowed to arrive like a conquering army. That is what is happening now in much of White Western Europe, and for that matter, in America.

Recent studies from the Center for Immigration Studies show some disturbing numbers. It seems that some 67 percent of immigrants who have resided in the United States for 15 or more years cannot speak much English. Incredible!

A more recent study by the same group points out that we have a system that tests immigrants on their eligibility to become “naturalized citizens.” However, it seems the new report finds that a third are "functionally illiterate," unable to speak and understand enough English to qualify for that status.

Why is this? Are they simply stupid, ignorant or unwilling to assume responsibility for becoming functional in our societies? The question is a fair one. The US Customs and Immigration Services points out that in order to eligible to become U. S. Citizens, immigrants need to have a basic understanding of U. S. History and Government. They also need to be able to read, write and speak basic English.

Photograph featured on Page 17 (Figure 12)
Interview with the author is found at this address:


The blogger was a LEGAL Immigrant who came to America under the Quota Laws governing how many people from Norway could be granted admission as legal residents in any given year. We had to WAIT our turn, had to be in good health, free from communicable disease, had to have some knowledge of the English language (my father spoke six languages), have no criminal record and had to have a sponsor who would guarantee we would not become a burden to the United States Government. We brought assets with us, both money and property, lived here, prospered, contributed, and either stayed legal residents or became citizens. So what is the problem with current immigrants? Ask the U.S. Government. The laws are still in place, but under the Nobama Administration, the laws were simply ignored. The result is too many immigrants become a burden instead of an asset. And they are resented by both immigrants and native people (born here), those who are not a burden!

Either clean up your act, folks, 
or go back where you came from!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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(Minor update July 6, 2017)


Hollywood has always been unhinged. Even when I was a boy, Hollywood was scandal-heaven. There were scandals involving actors and actresses, producers and film moguls. Perhaps one of the worst scandals involved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and (the killing of) actress Marylin Monroe.

Hollywood has always been a very liberal area of the world. It has also been a hot-bed for communism. Israel Thonstein, better known as silent screen star Charlie Chaplin was eventually kicked out of the US and sent back to Great Britain for some of his vulgar and unreasonable comments and activities against America and Americans.
 Part of the reason Hollywood is so crazy is easy to understand. Read what writer Joe Stein  wrote in the LA Times some time back, stating Hollywood is run by Jewish folks. That's not new. But what IS new is a Jew actually SAYING it! All one has to do, is check the names of producers and directors of almost ALL Hollywood movies. It is next to impossible to find a name that ISN'T Jewish! Check the credits out for yourself! It is an eye-opener for the uninitiated! Joe Stein was not worried about the fact that Jews "run" Hollywood, but advanced the idea that they need to CONTINUE to run the place. You can read his article at this web address:

(Gawrsh, I sure hope no-one is "offended" by Steins "awful" "hate speech!")

As a group, these folks seem to revel in filth, dirty language, pornography, un-natural behavior and homosexuality. If it isn't dirty enough, Hollywood will find some way to sleaze things further. They also have a habit of supporting all kinds of crazy liberal notions. This is not some loony idea, but rather easily substantiated by checking names and faces against causes and organizations!
It seems logical that those actors with the most leftist leanings become the most advertised, the most "popular" and the most promoted.

Hollywood is known to black-list anyone who even legitimately is critical of them. Witness producer/actor Mel Gibson who made a movie
 called "Passion of the Christ" and you can see how this works. He has been lambasted with all kinds of nasty comments because he was critical of Jewish people. The man who played Christ in the movie, Jim Caviezel claims his career was derailed by Hollywood. 
Recently, actors have come out of the woodwork with respect to politics. In the last few weeks, almost a half dozen well known "stars," have directly or indirectly come out in favor of assassinating President Donald Trump.
While there may always be loonies around who suggest such evil things, I have never in my life seen so many unhinged people (celebrities, for example) calling for death to be brought against someone they do not like because of their opinions, policies or statements. These are part of the same bunch who insist on equal rights for all their own loony ideas and supporters. It is a simple case of hypocrisy, of course. But even more important, it reveals just how communistic, demoniacal and dictatorial  these people really are. They are simply society wreckers. 
Just recently, Horn News wrote a story about a CNN poll asking about President Donald Trump's relations with the corrupt media, and overwhelmingly the respondents came out in favor of the president. Maybe the "sheeple" out there are not as stupid as some of us might like to believe!
Things have gone so far today, that it should be obvious to anyone and everyone with half a brain in their heads, that freedom of speech and anything else is just for the promoters and not for legitimate critics. The term "Political Correctness" is a term of violence against anyone who may have different thoughts!

 updated late 6/28/2017
(I had no more than posted this and up comes a story on Yahoo! News that some deranged man used a car to destroy a newly placed statue of the TEN COMMANDMENTS on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds. This is not the first time this loony did this. He was apprehended for his act. Yes, indeed, the world is becoming more unhinged daily! And it isn't just Hollyweird, either! But, it is important to note that Hollywood often influences such behavior through its media presentations and commentary!)

This will end badly! How badly, of course, remains to be seen.....

Just boycott Hollywood. Boycott the Mainstream Media. Refuse to watch their filth. There are so many films produced around the world that are of much higher quality than Hollywood puts out. Support them and independent producers and let Hollywood die its natural death.

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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