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Update: 5/12/2017.

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.....which basically corroborates comments made here with respect to WHY the dam's two spillways failed. It is sobering reading; a classic example of idiocy in government. It should not have required an "independent investigation" to determine what was already obvious!


Having lived much of my younger life in California, there is little about the state I do not know or understand. 
Over the course of my experiences there, one thing always stood out. That was the DIRECTION the state took.
 It has never managed to run a balanced budget as a matter of policy. 
 It always engaged in spending priorities that made zero sense! 

It seemed that constant support for illegal immigration was not just common, but a matter of policy. Since the immigrants they took in were often not self-supporting, they became a millstone around the state's fiscal neck! 

Another matter of policy was promoting homosexuality, the welfare state expansion and more. More and more government control, out of control taxation, particularly on private property was also pushed to its limits. Eventually the voters got that one right, passing Proposition 13, which restricted property tax increases to 2% annually. It was a blessing for those who could not afford the excessive rises year after year.

California is also home to "BEZERKLEY," as I like to call the Berkley Campus. Over the years it became "home" to some of the greatest collection of kooks, charlatans, communists, government agents and troublemakers, plus liberals to the point of insanity! It became home to the Radical Left (think of them as the ALT-LEFT!), often following the Frankfort School of radicalization. So were most other California institutions, but Bezerkley was always a hotbed of activism, sometimes spilling over into violence. 

I do not intend to write a lot of detail on the troublemakers, as plenty of information is readily available elsewhere. But a quick, short list of a few of them and some brief comments is justified. Stokely Carmichael, the Trinidad Negro best known for his inflamed rhetoric and anti-white bias was involved with the Black Panthers and a host of other radical organizations of the time. Angela Davis, an avowed commie "professor," was a major player in the so-called counter-culture movement in the 1960's and beyond. She was involved with the Communist Party, the Black Panthers and so forth.  Herbert Marcuse was another avowed commie. He was an unabashed Jewish Marxist who came from Germany, believed in the Frankfort School of thinking, became an American Citizen and pushed Liberal left-wing concepts throughout his career. These people are nothing but career society-wreckers of the lowest sort as far as I am concerned.

Then there was CIA plant Timothy Leary, the great LSD guru who experimented on lots of dumb sheeple with mind altering drugs under so-called "controlled conditions." He managed to destroy many minds in the process. Over the years more nonsense was taught to young impressionable minds in California than seemingly anywhere on earth! 

The Symbionese Liberation Army which kidnapped Hearst Newspaper Heiress Patty Hearst created a sensation in California. So did the constant pushing of Fluoridation of the water supplies in major cities. And now forced vaccination of school children. In short, California is not just the "Land of fruits and nuts," as a popular saying has it, no California is the poster child of insanity.

Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, liberal California has started a campaign to "secede" from the Union. Maybe that is an Idea whose time has come. As one of the top ten economies in the world, it is doable, and America would be rid of a pus-filled cancer for good! What is so amusing about this is, that California would deny the SOUTH the right to secede, but hypocritically, that would not apply them!

What is even funnier is the way that California has conducted its fiscal affairs, going deeper and deeper into bonded indebtedness, never intending to pay it off! In other words, the California model, despite its Gross Domestic Product, is flat BROKE! They cannot fight fires effectively, leaving them to burn large tracts of land. They have also so badly neglected the state's infrastructure that it is finally coming back to haunt big-time!

Just look at the OROVILLE DAM disaster of the last few weeks as documented in the pictures herewith.  
California authorities were warned almost 20 years ago that the dam was in shaky condition and that it needed some serious work to bring it up to standards. Even the radical Sierra Club got in on that act.

Governor Ronald Reagan dedicated the dam when it was first built, touted as a marvel of the times. However, with the extended drought of recent decades, the earth has shifted, dried out and cracked the spillways in such as way as to render them a threat to the dam once they are subjected to a massive water release!
Even more interesting is WHY did the powers that be allow the reservoir to fill in February, which is the middle of the winter rainy season, instead of waiting until April, when the likelihood of large amounts of precipitation is much reduced and the snow melt would assure the filling of the lake?  Normal operations allow for anticipating inflows to Lake Oroville, so that such threats ares unlikely to materialize. The conduct is moronic, to say the least! 


This time the Feds are asking questions! I have a few questions too!

My first question is this: Hey, what happened to Secession??!

My second question is this: Was this a set up? Or is it just another example of California insanity?
Think about it! Then YOU decide! 

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Commentary by 
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



A country that does not have borders, and refuses to secure them, loses its country.

A country that embraces the biggest swindle of all time known as socialism, does not deserve to exist! 

A country that believes everyone is the same is brain-dead!

Sweden is such an example. Here is a Facebook post imported from a Swedish Police Officer who is about to retire and has had enough of the swindle. The post was part of an article on the website ZERO HEDGE today.


The English is a bit difficult to read (with apologies for the cursing, and also the fact it is Google Translated), but the message is very clear:

Swedish Police

Apparently, the Policeman is being "investigated," because someone complained about his posting which was done "after hours." It seems as though Sweden is going absolutely crazy. What is interesting is that he is getting lots of support from others who are sick of "the problem," which never happened before these animals were allowed into the country.

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst