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Hollywood has always been unhinged. Even when I was a boy, Hollywood was scandal-heaven. There were scandals involving actors and actresses, producers and film moguls. Perhaps one of the worst scandals involved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and (the killing of) actress Marylin Monroe.

Hollywood has always been a very liberal area of the world. It has also been a hot-bed for communism. Israel Thonstein, better known as silent screen star Charlie Chaplin was eventually kicked out of the US and sent back to Great Britain for some of his vulgar and unreasonable comments and activities against America and Americans.
 Part of the reason Hollywood is so crazy is easy to understand. Read what writer Joe Stein  wrote in the LA Times some time back, stating Hollywood is run by Jewish folks. That's not new. But what IS new is a Jew actually SAYING it! All one has to do, is check the names of producers and directors of almost ALL Hollywood movies. It is next to impossible to find a name that ISN'T Jewish! Check the credits out for yourself! It is an eye-opener for the uninitiated! Joe Stein was not worried about the fact that Jews "run" Hollywood, but advanced the idea that they need to CONTINUE to run the place. You can read his article at this web address:

(Gawrsh, I sure hope no-one is "offended" by Steins "awful" "hate speech!")

As a group, these folks seem to revel in filth, dirty language, pornography, un-natural behavior and homosexuality. If it isn't dirty enough, Hollywood will find some way to sleaze things further. They also have a habit of supporting all kinds of crazy liberal notions. This is not some loony idea, but rather easily substantiated by checking names and faces against causes and organizations!
It seems logical that those actors with the most leftist leanings become the most advertised, the most "popular" and the most promoted.

Hollywood is known to black-list anyone who even legitimately is critical of them. Witness producer/actor Mel Gibson who made a movie
 called "Passion of the Christ" and you can see how this works. He has been lambasted with all kinds of nasty comments because he was critical of Jewish people. The man who played Christ in the movie, Jim Caviezel claims his career was derailed by Hollywood. 
Recently, actors have come out of the woodwork with respect to politics. In the last few weeks, almost a half dozen well known "stars," have directly or indirectly come out in favor of assassinating President Donald Trump.
While there may always be loonies around who suggest such evil things, I have never in my life seen so many unhinged people (celebrities, for example) calling for death to be brought against someone they do not like because of their opinions, policies or statements. These are part of the same bunch who insist on equal rights for all their own loony ideas and supporters. It is a simple case of hypocrisy, of course. But even more important, it reveals just how communistic, demoniacal and dictatorial  these people really are. They are simply society wreckers. 
Just recently, Horn News wrote a story about a CNN poll asking about President Donald Trump's relations with the corrupt media, and overwhelmingly the respondents came out in favor of the president. Maybe the "sheeple" out there are not as stupid as some of us might like to believe!
Things have gone so far today, that it should be obvious to anyone and everyone with half a brain in their heads, that freedom of speech and anything else is just for the promoters and not for legitimate critics. The term "Political Correctness" is a term of violence against anyone who may have different thoughts!

 updated late 6/28/2017
(I had no more than posted this and up comes a story on Yahoo! News that some deranged man used a car to destroy a newly placed statue of the TEN COMMANDMENTS on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds. This is not the first time this loony did this. He was apprehended for his act. Yes, indeed, the world is becoming more unhinged daily! And it isn't just Hollyweird, either! But, it is important to note that Hollywood often influences such behavior through its media presentations and commentary!)

This will end badly! How badly, of course, remains to be seen.....

Just boycott Hollywood. Boycott the Mainstream Media. Refuse to watch their filth. There are so many films produced around the world that are of much higher quality than Hollywood puts out. Support them and independent producers and let Hollywood die its natural death.

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


(updated June 23, 2017)


During the last decade, there have been many individuals and groups who have scientifically questioned the official story of 9-11. In other words, they have the nerve enough to ask: what REALLY brought down the Twin Towers in New York?
Victor Thorn, deceased, was perhaps one of the most prolific questioners and researchers on the subject of what was truth and who was lying, who was covering things up and so forth. His books are classics. The internet is awash with material and questions on the subject. 
Here, it is not my intention to dig up all that has been legitimately written, nor is it my intention to dig up all the denials that have surfaced. Nor is it my intention to cover the name-calling of those who questioned the official version of 9-11. Nor is it my intention to cover those who lost their jobs for speaking up! It also is not my intention to ask uncomfortable questions about WHY the third building collapsed which was not struck by any object!

However, that being said, we were treated to a (minority-occupied) tower-fire in England this past week, which showed all the signs of being similar in scope to the Twin Towers debacle. The question of WHY the place caught fire and spread the way it did has not yet been fully addressed. 
(Update from World News on REUTERS dated June 23, 2027 follows:
A fire that killed at least 79 people at a London apartment block started in a Hotpoint (WHR.N) fridge freezer, and the outside cladding engulfed by the blaze has since been shown to fail all safety tests, London police said on Friday.
Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said that in view of the heavy death toll, police were considering manslaughter charges over the disaster.
She said the Hotpoint model, FF175BP, involved was not subject to recall and the manufacturer was doing further tests.
"We now have expert evidence that the fire was not started deliberately," McCormack told reporters in London,)

The entire article may be found at the following web link:

Take a look at these pictures....

Notice how the entire structure above appears to be burning...... 

Amazing, isn't it, how a building that is free-standing like this one did not collapse from heat created by the fire! The Twin Towers only had a floor or two "burning," whereas here almost the entire building is engulfed by flame! Why did this thing not implode like the Twin Towers and turn to dust? Or is there some magical trick at work here involving physics?! I am hoping that someone wiser than I, can explain it. Come up with it please, and I will print it!

The firestorm shown here was much more intense in this building than in the Twin Towers, yet this one still stands! 

My conclusion is that some government official is holding up the building with his bare hands, and that he will continue to do so as a wonderful unsung hero we just cannot acknowledge! 

Truly, modern physics is an amazing science!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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