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The Tower of Belem was the point of embarkation for the Portuguese explorers of 500 years ago. Today the "explorers" are tourists, who flock here by the thousands!

The blogger has been fortunate enough to visit more than 25 countries in the world, and while not a record, it is much more than many are able to do. I have also been fortunate enough to be bi-lingual, which opens up many doors of opportunity to become intimate with other cultures.

We can learn from all of them.

Blogger by the Monuments honoring Prince Henry the Navigator on the quai along the Rio Tejo, west of the Ponte de 25 Avril in Lisboa, Portugal. Yes, that's an airplane approaching for a landing at Lisboa International Airport in the sky in the background!

Portugal, a country 350 miles long by 150 miles wide is not one of the bigger political entities, but one of the most influential in terms of what it has done for the world.
Portuguese in one form or another is the seventh or eighth most spoken language on earth. While the country can trace its history back several thousand years, it is from approximately 1500 forward that the country made its big earthly impact.

A close-up view of Prince Henry and other explorer heroes.

were an amazing bunch. They were men of the Sea of the finest order, afraid of little and pursued their curiosity to the four corners of the world. Over time they established themselves in Brazil, Mozambique and Angola as well as the Azores, and areas in the far east.
Some of the famous natives included Vasco da Gama. A long bridge connects Lisboa with the south side of Rio Tejo named Ponte Vasco da Gama.

It is not my purpose here to go into the long history of Portugal, but to draw attention to this amazing land with its beautiful beaches, superb buildings and monuments. Here is a sample of stunning images taken by the blogger while visiting friends in Portugal.

Magoito Praia with surfboard, Portugal.
Water reflections feature 
a swimmer and a surfer
in the afternoon.

Sunset at Sao Juliao Praia, Portugal. 
People enjoying surfing the sunny waters 
watching the sunset from the cafe at the top of the cliff.

One can spend months exploring the wonders of Portugal and not see it all. But, here are some samples that reflect the amazing architecture of the land and its people.

Cascais, the home of the Wealthy! This place rivals Monaco for its beauty and the extent of its villas and estates!

The Gates to the City of Lisboa and Rua Augusta.

Street Cafes along the walking street known as
 Rua Augusta in Lisboa.

A magnificent palace along the Rio Tejo.

25 de Avril Bridge across the Rio Tejo in Lisboa.

Typical Street Sign in the magic Kingdom of Sintra!

The fairyland beauty of Sintra, Portugal!

We currently have a YOU TUBE CHANNEL under construction featuring dozens of short videos taken in Portugal. A link to them will be provided when all the videos are uploaded. Portugal is a delightful place to visit as well as to take an extended visit.

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018



People walk past election posters near the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, 
Monday Sept. 10, 2018

You have got to be kidding! The insane asylum that is Sweden is finally waking up to the real world?

Run mostly by a bunch of crazy, misguided, insane and corrupt women, Sweden has been the laughingstock of the world for decades.

They have refused to report the actual numbers of immigrants who commit crimes, refuse to police areas with rampant immigrant crime while bringing more and more unsuitable animals into Sweden. And the conspiratorial press in Sweden is a disgrace to the world.

I have often wondered just how much it would take before the good people of Sweden would finally have had enough. Apparently that time has arrived.

I have spoken with people I know in Sweden, and they are incensed that this has been allowed to go on so long.

This blogger penned a comment on GAB today which we reproduce here:

So, liberal Scandinavians who have had their screws loose for decadeson the subject of EQUALITY, are finally saying "Enough is enough!" I honestly never thought I would see the day, when Europe's most sympathetic peoples would fight back. They are slow learners on this subject!
One thing is to sympathize with the plight of everyone and anyone, quite another is to bring in hordes of people who simply cannot assimilate and expect them to be "Swedes." It is a pipe dream designed to fail!
I can just imagine myself immigrating to Zimbabwe and "being one of them," and claiming prejudice because of my "skin color!" That's a pipe dream, too. People need to be what they are and rise and fall to the height of their own incompetence!
The time for the George Soros, Jewish method of "house-wrecking" has clearly passed. It's time to retire George to the "funny-farm!"

Even the American press has had to acknowledge the rise of Nationalism in Sweden: here is a link (please copy and paste into your browser) to the article on Yahoo!:


Once people start placing the welfare of their own kind first, there will be true progress in the world. It's about time!

Written by the Blogger

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018



The absolute joke that passes for Washington DC is something to behold. 
This writer, who posts on GAB almost daily, added this gem today:

One of the nice things about "country living" is that  we are rooted to rational and natural work! As an example, it is always nice to pull a crop of potatoes and other goodies out of the soil. It means those of us who farm get to eat regardless of what the "turkeys" in the world do. Those of us with "ties" to the earth are quite "out of touch" with the turkeys!
In checking on "turkeys" today I see there is plenty of hysteria about the Supreme Court Hearings. With all the hell being raised, the "left" must really be worried about the results of the hearing!
Alex Jones, who is no stranger to controversy, claims the fools who acted-up in the Supreme Court Hearings yesterday were PAID! 
Ha ha ha! So what else is new?
Here is the link you can copy and paste into your browser:

There is absolutely no end to which the troublemakers in Washington DC will go, to discredit President Donald Trump or anything he does. In short, he can do nothing right!

I am not suggesting everything Trump does is right or even good. But, what amazes me and amuses me to no end is the difference between how Nobama, the lying black man who served as a phony president, was treated by the press. It was almost as though Nobama could do nothing wrong!

A careful observer cannot help but notice  how well (or poorly) all this is scripted! I have a feeling it will backfire big time.

In the meantime, good people, enjoy the show! The Washington Merry-go-round is spinning at top speed!

Written by The Blogger

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Sunday, September 2, 2018



On this blog we often comment on various problems in our society, particularly in the United States. Some of what we have to say also applies elsewhere.

Reverend Jasper Williams Jr.
of the Salem Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia

Every so often a man comes along who says exactly the right things, and he happens to be a Negro. We have written much the same stuff over the years, but here we get to the core of the matter with a man who not only agrees with our basic point of view, but is not the least bit shy about saying it in public!

The Lord himself knows we need more people like this. The so-called "race-problem" in the United States is a contrived matter which has been pushed for over 50 years by some very evil, society-destroying people, and it is a disaster for blacks and an absolute intolerable nuisance for everyone else!

Here is the link to the story which you can copy and paste into your browser. It is well worth the time to read and heed! Even more interesting is the utterly stupid reactions from people who are clueless.


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Written by the Blogger

"Sunset in Portugal" 
courtesy of a Portuguese friend!

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Saturday, August 18, 2018



We have written here a number of essays about the "blessings" of "socialism," the art of stealing from some and giving to others. It's a bit like the story of Robin Hood.

The sad and pathetic state of affairs in socialist/communist Venezuela should give us all an opportunity to observe first hand what happens when things are grossly mismanaged. Unfortunately, people like to re-invent the wheel and seem to do that well. Here we feature a report on current conditions in Venezuela and what people are doing about it.

We all make our own beds and have to sleep in them. Sometimes it is nice to learn from the mistakes of others, but that is not the way of mankind.

Here is a link you can copy and paste into your browser that gives a clue as to what the future holds, perhaps even for us:


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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


(updated August 8, 2018)


Socialism is a disease. 

It is like "democracy,"

 a totally flawed concept. The United States of America was founded as a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. It was founded on the principle of freedom for all in the pursuit of happiness. 

Busy people are happy people. 

Those with time on their hands and nothing to do or produce become major problems both to themselves and society as a whole. 

Communist East Germany, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, referred to themselves as the German Democratic Republic. The German Democratic Republic was established in the Soviet occupation zone of Germany in October of 1949 following the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in May of 1949. East Germany was a hugely repressive society with its famous BERLIN WALL, which effectively prevented ANYONE from leaving without a bullet to the body. It was a total failure economically. 

Zimbabwe is a more modern example of failed socialist society. 

So is Venezuela, with decades of mismanagement. Yes, socialists continue to espouse their "cause." Reinventing the wheel is very popular!

True democracy is "mob rule," where the "majority" is convinced that they are "right." If majority rules, it stands to reason that everyone will vote for their own best interests, instead of what is best for society. They want more "rights," natural or not, more
"free" stuff, more "political correctness" and so on.  No one asks WHERE the money to pay for this stuff comes from. 

Many socialists of today have no idea of what constitutes true wealth, that production is necessary for the creation of wealth and that hard work and productivity is the only answer. These people have been spoiled for so long they simply cannot fathom the reality of simple economics. Western governments and others too, have been running deficits for decades. That cannot continue without a gross displacement of value, people and economics in general.

The majority seldom makes good decisions. Looking at socialist calls for more government regulation of everything from people's thoughts to their pocketbooks, 50% taxes or more and other nonsense, it is fair to wonder if these people have really and truly "lost their minds."

Everyone is ENTITLED these day, spoiled rotten to the core; they "want" more and more for doing less and less. This can have no-good results.

Interestingly, even the establishment is mentioning this. The reader may want to copy and paste the following link to see what "others" are saying:


I am, however, encouraged to see many young people starting their own businesses and providing services to others without all the socialist crap. One young man I know, put the following notice on his web-site:


Indeed, there is great hope for the future. It does not lie with the socialists who are nothing but Bolsheviks at heart!

We take this opportunity to thank those who make the effort to comment on our articles. One man wrote that socialism has a great deal of emotional appeal. He is correct! It does appeal to the emotions, which makes it both universally popular and equally dangerous!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Friday, July 20, 2018



If you are put off by our title, let me assure you it is done with intent and by design! If you don't like it, well, it captured your attention, didn't it?! That is necessary; this is reality.

Welcome to the NEW KALIFORNIO! 

It was 1967 when it all started. 

John Phillips of of the hippie music group THE MAMAS AND PAPAS, penned the song "San Francisco." It became an advertised and promoted "overnight sensation" hitting the top of the music charts at the time. It was a clarion call to the young, restless and silly youth of the day. It offered young people a new explanation for life, a "love-in!" In reality, it was a cruel hoax, and we are now bearing all the bitter fruits of this idiocy. The beautiful, lilting and seductive song was sung by Philip Wallach Blondheim III under his stage name Scott McKenzie. You can hear the song in its entirety on U Tube by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:


A book (published in 1969 by Stein and Day New York Publishers) called JEWISH MYSTIQUE was penned by an author who claims to be gentile. His name is Ernest Van Den Haag. He wrote a puff piece on why Jews are so much smarter than everyone else. In chapter one he makes that case. Chapter Seven is titled "Jewish Radicals and Jewish Hippies," and beginning on page 116 he writes: "By virtue of their history and of the character shaped by it, Jews are vulnerable to radical ideas." He goes on to state the "Hippie Revolution" was "their" thing and that it was very successful. He is correct.
It has been a disaster of monumental proportions. A number of people on both the "left" and the "right" have finally figured it out! I saw it first hand as a broadcaster and disc jockey working the media in the San Diego market at the time!

Blogger as a DJ on Station KMLO 
in 1979 in San Diego 

So, what is the end result of years of promoting Jewish false radicalism like "equality," feminism, free love, free lunch, free social security for all, free housing, free drugs (legal and otherwise), free immigration (open borders) and basically supporting all kinds of mediocrity in the name of "diversity" and "equality?"

Well, if the truth be known, it has bred more entitlements, more mediocrity and more idiocy than ever. Now our GDP (Gross National Product) and our debt load has become a one to one basis, not a good recipe for great economics. Recently a bi-racial mayor of Stockton, California, has suggested a free wage too as a means of combating "homelessness."


A portrait of the "new intellectuals" who literally
 do not know their rear ends from a hole-in-the-ground!

Apparently, to solve a problem we need more of the same tired solutions to create even more trouble.

Tucker Carlson, a commentator on Fox News recently interviewed a candidate running for office who complained that San Francisco is now one of the worst cities in the United States. It is rapidly becoming a new Calcutta of India fame. The problem? Every day, businesses have to clean their sidewalks of needles, human excrement placed their by "homeless" people and trash so customers can come in. Police no longer investigate crime where less than $1000 or so is involved. In other words, criminality is now legitimized. How do you send a summons to someone who lives on the street? Yet, San Francisco wants all "homeless" to vote! 

The "mayor" of Chicago, Nobama's sidekick Rahm Emanuel, now wants a universal income for all. Where do these clowns think the money for all this is going to come from?
The net result is that our society (particularly cities) is rapidly free-falling into oblivion faster than you can spell "excrement!"

I left Kalifornio decades ago for a better life, and am not sorry. I saw it all coming THEN; but the reality is just hitting home NOW! People are leaving the state in droves. The State Supreme Court recently removed an attempt to break the state up into three separate states by denying a citizen ballot initiative on the November Ballot.

Clearly the crazies are running the asylum. It won't be over til its over and it will mean the complete disintegration of one of the finest states in the union.

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Friday, June 15, 2018



This has got to take the cake!

Impressive, isn't it?

The absolute GALL of these people just defies the imagination!

I never thought I would live to see the day that this made it into print, and on YAHOO! no less! 

Every week the "goyim," the unwashed multitude that is NOT Jewish, is bombarded with Jewish propaganda and tales of racism on the part of WHITE FOLKS! 

The way American Southern Monuments are taken down in the name of "racism," the constant palaver about how Whites hate Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and all the rest is without end.

One would LOGICALLY think that those who promote that sort of overblown stuff would not resort to the same tactics the rest of us are accused of!

It is now official: the Jew is the smartest, the best, the wisest and the one FIT TO RULE over the rest of us! Nice, huh? No wonder the Bible refers to the Scribes and Pharisees as

Just remember, this same problem existed 2,000 years ago in the days of Jesus! Is there a pattern here? You decide! Small wonder then, that these people are despised the world over!

Here is a another view: 


This establishment  story is about certain Jewish groups who CANNOT ASSIMILATE, are constantly at odds with government, yet rely almost exclusively on government aid! If these people are so smart, why does their religious piousness not allow them to be successful?

Well, you see, that kind of a reasonable question is not permitted, because it is not supposed to be uttered. You cannot question them at all, no matter how logical it might be!

Another question: If these people are so benevolent and great, why do they insist on shooting Palestinians like dogs? Again, we have hypocrisy. It just goes with the "master" race.

Maybe the time has actually come to have a full public discussion as to exactly what is the problem in the world and who is the problem. You don't suppose, it might present us with a logical solution that simply involves exposing these frauds for the damage they try to do and actually do? 


Written by
The Blogger

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