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Friday, June 15, 2018



This has got to take the cake!

Impressive, isn't it?

The absolute GALL of these people just defies the imagination! 

I never thought I would live to see the day that this made it into print, and on YAHOO! no less! 

Every week the "goyim," the unwashed multitude that is NOT Jewish, is bombarded with Jewish propaganda and tales of racism on the part of WHITE FOLKS! 

The way American Southern Monuments are taken down in the name of "racism," the constant palaver about how Whites hate Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and all the rest is without end.

One would LOGICALLY think that those who promote that sort of overblown stuff would not resort to the same tactics the rest of us are accused of!

It is now official: the Jew is the smartest, the best, the wisest and the one FIT TO RULE over the rest of us! Nice, huh? No wonder the Bible refers to the Scribes and Pharisees as

Just remember, this same problem existed 2,000 years ago in the days of Jesus! Is there a pattern here? You decide! Small wonder then, that these people are despised the world over!

Here is a another view:

This establishment  story is about certain Jewish groups who CANNOT ASSIMILATE, are constantly at odds with government, yet rely almost exclusively on government aid! If these people are so smart, why does their religious piousness not allow them to be successful?

Well, you see, that kind of a reasonable question is not permitted, because it is not supposed to be uttered. You cannot question them at all, no matter how logical it might be!

Another question: If these people are so benevolent and great, why do they insist on shooting Palestinians like dogs? Again, we have hypocrisy. It just goes with the "master" race.

Maybe the time has actually come to have a full public discussion as to exactly what is the problem in the world and who is the problem. You don't suppose, it might present us with a logical solution that simply involves exposing these frauds for the damage they try to do and actually do? 


Written by
The Blogger

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Thursday, May 31, 2018



It's a Stormy World, Folks!

On or about May 30th, 2018 on Fox News, a female “interviewer” had two insignificant “guests” on her “show.” (They were Black!) The subject was the half-day closing of Starbucks Coffee Houses across the United States for “sensitivity training” and how they were going ahead with a new business model designed to “improve” how Starbucks employees interact with their customers. Not all employees of the chain were thrilled. Some even espoused the idea that the whole thing might create more unwanted problems. The interviewer held in her hand the MANUAL for the training, which she said was given to her by a Starbucks employee! What led to this whole circus was a highly over-dramatized incident involving two Black "customers" who bought nothing and wanted to use the Starbucks bathroom. They were denied access because they did not buy anything and because they refused to leave when asked. It then became a police matter. They were arrested when the police could not persuade them to leave! It is a common practice for businesses to reserve bathrooms for customers only; there are service stations in the area where I live that do that routinely!

If Facebook and You Tube and other so-called “private” operations have a “right” to censor material on their platforms (as they claim), then why can’t Starbucks control who uses their bathrooms? There is, of course, a double standard here! There is also a common thread: all three of these businesses mentioned here are run by Jews. They think and act in concert. That is what they do, and they try to shove their antiquated and unwelcome crap down everyone’s throats. More and more people are getting wise to the “game” and are sick and tired of it. Starbucks may not be a “public utility.” but Facebook and You Tube are, so eventually it will be necessary to regulate these entities as “public utilities.” Since Jews never seem to tolerate anything other than their own agenda, such regulation, sadly, is necessary! The rest of us need to be protected from, and need to curtail their treachery, which is what it is.

Ever since I was a boy, it was common for businesses around the United States to put up signs that read (more or less) WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE! I still see signs like that in stores and auto repair shops where I live. It simply puts all potential customers on notice they do not have an automatic right to service.  A person who uses private property needs to respect the fact it is PRIVATE. I personally have been refused service, too! I never raised a stink about it, either. It is utterly childish. A friend of mine, who grew up in a small town outside San Francisco, California was used to shopping as a child at a certain small grocery store. When she went back to visit decades later, the place was owned by Mexicans who flat refused service to her because she was White! She told them that she had done business there as a child, but they did not care! They would simply NOT serve her! She had to abide by their wishes, right or wrong, and did not make a stink about it, either! We have too many cry babies in our land now, and they either will grow up, or eventually their lives will become even more complicated!

The female Fox News interviewer made the lame point that we need to RESPECT EACH OTHER! (When I tried to locate a link to the interview for this article, I was unable to find it again.) Please, you silly woman, don’t make me laugh! Did the Mexicans referenced in the previous paragraph respect my friend? Ha ha ha! Does the Jew, who subscribes to the Talmud, really respect Gentiles who do not? You have got to be kidding! Does the Zionist, who is part of an unsavory gang that stole land from Palestinians some 70 years ago, continues to incarcerate them in Gaza, the largest concentration camp in the world, actually respect Palestinians? Hell no, they shoot them down like dogs (sometimes for sport) and insist they have the right to do that because of “anti-Semitism! There would not be any worldwide dislike of Semites at all if they stopped acting like that, but they can’t and they won’t, so nothing changes. And the Jew needs anti-Semitism to survive. Without it, he has no cause he can use to intimidate people or wave in their faces!

Does this foolish girl really believe that Whites, who have lived around Blacks for any period of time, can respect Blacks? No, Whites simply move out of such neighborhoods because they are tired of bad behavior and soon the area becomes all Black! The Whites just leave quietly! Does "Black lives Matter" respect Whites? Hell no, they don’t. As a matter of fact, they act worse than animals. Does George Soros, who helps fund these vermin, respect those who oppose them or him? Nope. Does the US Government respect Southern Heritage and Southern Monuments which are a part of our history? Nope, they tear them down at every opportunity, and do so with glee and under completely FALSE premises. The list is endless. There are just too many such examples of lack of respect.

The day people finally realize that we are not all the same, that our cultures naturally clash and that mixing folks together who do not relate well is a gross mistake. Birds of a Feather, Flock Together, is an old folk saying. It is completely true. We do not have the same abilities, the same intelligence, the same emotions or the same work ethic. It is just reality. If Blacks and Whites and others of a similar code were meant to be together and were all the same, Africa would have been entirely different when the White man first set foot there. Instead, it still is very tribal and primitive. South Africa, for instance, today is the scene of incredible murderous actions against White people. No respect there at all! The Black man has benefited enormously by associating with Whites over the years. All the inventions of the Whites have been given to the Blacks unconditionally. So, where are the gratefulness and the respect there?

                                          There isn’t any. 

                  I RESPECT THOSE WHO DESERVE IT! 

I do business with those who are better than me for the right reasons. I associate with people at my mental or skill level or higher, because it makes sense to me and because it sharpens both my knowledge level and my wit! It also makes for a more enjoyable life! Why do others, as described above, have a problem with that?

                    Maybe it is because they really are inferior! 

But don’t say that too loudly; they will come unglued and unhinged at the seams!

                                 Words and Photograph
                            Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Friday, May 25, 2018



For those poor, unwashed multitudes who still have faith in politicians and their lying ways, now have some more wonderful but unwelcome news to contemplate.

Remember that wonderful fellow known as "Eric Holder?" You know, the bastion of integrity, the guy who served as "Attorney General" and proposed banning guns  for Americans, because the weapons were being sold to Mexican thugs, who in turn used them to kill Border Patrol personnel? It turned out that Holder was an architect of "Fast and Furious," the government sponsored attempt to confiscate people's firearms under false pretenses and place these weapons in the hands of killer Mexican drug lords who gave kickbacks!
Now, this same knucklehead has come out with the truth to kill off all truths. He openly encourages people in and out of government to defy any attempt to uncover the truth! In other words, protect the corrupt institutions at all costs!

Nobama and Holder looking "displeased?"

This writer has always believed without reservation that both Erik Holder and Nobama, his good buddy and illegal president, were and still are, some of the most dangerous threats to liberty in America. What is worse they have no shame at all in promoting their tyranny. If the term "communist" seems a bit "over the hill," consider that this is what they are promoting. Stalin and Hitler were bad enough in various ways, but Holder and Nobama are no better!
For those who would like to read more about this dirty mess, please copy and paste the following link:

The blunt truth is, though Holder should be serving time behind bars for committing sedition or worse, he likely will never be prosecuted because of his service to "The Deep State!"
Not a pleasant situation at all, but a reminder to all that he must never be elected to ANY office EVER!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Sunday, May 20, 2018



I once lived in the glorious state of Kaffalornia back in ancient days when the state was more sane! Today, it has become a third-world country! 


It has Redwoods, Sequoias, Mountains and Deserts galore; some of the greatest scenery on Earth. It used to have some of the most productive people anywhere. It is also one of the greatest agricultural areas on our planet.

So, my question is: why does this state have so many problems? Why does the state violate common sense with laws that prohibit illegal immigration? Why does the state try to destroy the Second Amendment? Why does the state mandate quack medicine like forced vaccinations? Why does the state promote homosexuality which is a recipe for death and destruction rather the continuation of life? Why are rents so prohibitive in the state that people are forced to live in their cars and under bridges? Why are regulations and taxation so oppressive that real productive people are fleeing the state in droves? And why do the liberal swine that run the place double down on their idiocy? 

"If it is't working, let try hard to make it 
NOT work!"

We invite you to look at the following article from Caltrans that is shocking to say the least. It seems one cannot visit any public park in Sacramento (the capital), or San Francisco, Los Angeles or even San Diego in California without stepping in human feces..... Simply copy and paste into your browser, the following link:

The answers to these problems are simple: Dismantle the stupid laws that hinder people from living the lives they choose, stop interfering with building and other economic activity, dismantle welfare for illegals and those don't want to work, and prohibit crazy Sacramento politicians from passing more restrictive and authoritarian regulations. It is small wonder there are petitions circulating designed to break up the state into more manageable units!

Written by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Friday, May 4, 2018



Venezuela is a third world country that is imploding internally. The money system has collapsed. The country is awash in Oil, but the years of bad government (translate socialism) and poor decisions have made it impossible to function. The BARTER SYSTEM is in full swing. Take a look at these pictures: 

The barter system at work in Venezuela!

It is amazing to see what people end up doing for themselves when the "government," which theoretically is supposed to provide stability for all, collapses to a point where people have to take economic matters into their own hands. If they cannot get dollars, access to a foreign "credit card," or other means of payment, the barter system comes out in full force. Because of the problems in Venezuela, the place has become dangerous. Truck drivers, for example, are regularly stopped, and relieved of their loads by gun-wielding thugs. The people themselves are not allowed to defend themselves, of course! Sound familiar? That's what happens when only thugs have guns and the rest have to fend for themselves!
Bloomberg, which is not always a bastion of honesty or even correct news, is currently running a series of articles on the economic problem in Venezuela. I am not going to re-write the article I reference here, but will simply provide a link so my readers can read the original for themselves. Simply copy and paste the following link:

The article is a splendid read and useful for anyone who still believes that THEY, meaning our leaders (both elected and non-elected), really either have our best interests at heart or actually know what they are doing. 
Don't just shake your head and say "Isn't that just too bad for Venezuela?"  Because the same scenario may very well develop here as the dollar implodes internationally. He who is somewhat forewarned, is often somewhat  "forearmed," so to speak. Learn from the mistakes of others and begin to get YOUR house in order. The day is coming.....

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018



We like to feature some really outstanding comments made by other writers. Daniel New is such a man. He writes for his own account (you can get his email stories by requesting it), and he writes for THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH, which is an organization working for the rights of Southerners as seen from their perspective. Their publication THE FREE MAGNOLIA is published quarterly. The league has a Facebook Page as well.
Here is a recent story he wrote about stupid youngsters being used by the establishment to help disarm Americans for no other reason than as Titus in the Bible says, "for filthy lucres sake." His view of what is taught (and not taught) in American History classes is an eye-opener. Please enjoy his comments!

Boys taunting "Lobster-backs" as British Soldiers 
were called in early Colonial Times

Posted: 19 Apr 2018 10:50 AM PDT
Ask the average American what happened on April 19.  He doesn’t know.  And why does he not know?He does not know because history is no longer taught in public schools in this country.
Every schoolboy should know that it was on this day, 243 years ago now, that local militia Captain John Parker ordered the residents of Lexington, Massachusetts, to not fire upon British soldiers unless fired upon.
Given that much info, I seriously wonder how many Americans today could tell us what happened next.  It would be an interesting item for research, but it also might be quite depressing in the results.
History records five major events that day, although some will argue that they were all one event:
  1. Paul Revere made a hazardous ride to warn the colonists that, “The Redcoats are coming!”1
  2. The Minutemen of Lexington stood up to the government demand for gun control, resulting in the death of eight men, all colonists;
  3. The Minutemen of Concord stood up to the same British soldiers who had come to confiscate their guns and powder, stopping them on that famous little bridge, resulting in the wounding and death of men on both sides;
  4. The Retreat to Boston by the British Army, a running engagement in which they were under fire the entire time.
  5. The Siege of Boston was begun, by converging militia members, all local colonists.  General Gage was bottled up in the city, which he eventually abandoned eleven months later.
At the end of this day, 1775, British forces had 269 men killed or wounded, 19 of them being officers.  The Colonials suffered fewer than 90 killed and wounded.
More importantly, the British Crown was served notice that the American colonists, unlike any other colony in the world, had it in their heads that THEY were responsible for their own safety and survival, not the Crown, and that an armed citizenry was essential to that public safety. 
It was from this mindset of self-reliance, (plus some outstanding lawyers who insisted that Great Britain and the Crown was just as subject to the Law as the colonists were), (plus a much stronger faith in God and insistence upon the notion that the Crown had NO authority in restricting religion, or press, or assembly, or the right to petition, etc.) – that mindset resulted in our first War of Independence, and eventual victory.
And that War of Independence resulted in the Colonies becoming 13 free and independent nations, for a period of 82 years.  (Another subject, another essay.)
If your children don’t know these facts, by the Sixth Grade, then the schools they attended have failed them, and you as a parent have failed them.  Furthermore, your grandchildren will have less freedom than you have enjoyed, just as you have less freedom than your grandparents enjoyed – a fact directly attributable to the general ignorance of our own history.
There is a reason that the NEA and the brainwashing industry known as “public education” are intent upon rewriting and/or abolishing history.  It gives children “ideas” – and that is not healthy for the Deep State that runs this country.
Go forth, and teach.  Believe it or not, History is fun!  More importantly, it’s essential to knowing who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.
Recommended for further education of your children:
Battle of Lexington
A Siege of Boston
April Morning: A Novel

Books and movies on Paul Revere’s Ride
Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Shot Heard Round the World”
Endnote:1 “Please teach your children that he did NOT say, “The BRITISH are coming!”  That would have made no sense, since they were ALL British at the time, including him. 
The post April 19th – This Day in History appeared first on Wit and Wisdom from Daniel New.

A young Paul Revere and his fellows story-telling on the docks of Boston Harbor in the late 1700's. In the summer, boys would dive from the docks and learn to swim. There were no swim suits available in those days, hence the birthday suits

Sometimes it is a good idea to get ones head wrapped around history. Those who are ignorant of it, will suffer to repeat it..


The Blogger

Tuesday, April 3, 2018



There has been much talk about "global warming." It's mostly hype and nonsense. But this winter (and the last one, too, for that matter) was anything but warm where I call home. As a matter of fact, we had loads of snow, several very cold periods, and an extended period of winter. It began prematurely in late October. There was a false warm-up in January, but that was followed by more intensive cold in Feb and March. April certainly has started out with a bang!

Here we post some of our best scenes of this winter past. We hope you enjoy the photographs. We have tried our best to bring out the best in Mother Nature! Enjoy!

Here is an example of what wet snow does to branches. They are erect one minute, and bent like ancients the next moment. A day later the lace is gone and things go back to "normal!

Lighting in the Early Morning brings drama to Winter. Nothing like Morning Sun on leaf-less branches to bring out the stark contrasts....

Blizzards leave their own marks in the snow. The patterns are caused by swirling winds and micro areas of calm. The scenes speak for themselves!

Here on the mountain, the wind blows the powder snow around like smoke...

....and in the Valley, the afternoon shadows 
play their games!

As the Winter wanes and the Valley fogs up, many layers of moisture combine to create some spectacular scenes.

An Old Farm Pond is covered with ice.....

...which eventually begins to melt in the warm afternoons....

The mules get fed beneath the fading light.....

The Setting Sun burns the snow-covered mountain....

...and so, the winters day is done!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

copyright 2018, reproduction by permission only

Tuesday, March 27, 2018



In 1963 there was a movie made by Jerry Lewis Films and released by Paramount Pictures with the above title. Here is a snapshot of the billboard:

The movie was about a very nerdy college professor who hoped to spice up his love life by making and drinking a potion he conjured up. The problem was, he never knew when the stuff would wear off, and it often did under the most unfortunate circumstances! There were also whole bunch of other similar movies produced during that time period. You can find them on all the INTERNET.

The reason I bring this up, is I am sometimes reminded of unusual people who get characterized as "Nutty," Strange," "Weird" and so on.

Lately, there has been a lot of fuss made about one Professor Steven Hawking who just passed away. I cannot say I am really acquainted with the man or his "work" in any meaningful way, but what what catches my attention is the way the MEDIA is "in love" with the guy. He was always pictured as a drooling idiot with strange (if not crazy) eyes, sitting in a wheelchair like reject from a mental ward somewhere. The media has always fawned over his every word and predictions like everything he said came from God Himself!

According to accounts in the media, he was some kind of an atheist who believed the world was created by accident rather than by design. I won't get into that discussion at all. People need to believe what suits them, regardless of facts or no facts at all!

I really have not paid him any serious attention. He always struck me as being a bit off his rocker. Whether that is a fair assessment is not important, either. I can only say what I think every time I see his picture. I have the normal human feeling of empathy for his condition, of course; but also a deep-down revulsion as well. What I find interesting is how the media is treating him. They fawn over him like he was a genius, which raises a red flag. Whenever the media promotes anything, or obsesses over anything (pro or con), there is usually a reason for it that is less than honorable.

Equally remarkable to me was the way different writers looked at his death. One acetic journalist was glad to see him "finally" kick the bucket, as he had no use for Hawking. A Congressman tweeted an oblique reference to him and so on. That reference became the subject of criticism for "insensitivity." One lady suggested the Congressman "resign" over his "insensitive" remarks. Isn't it amazing how certain remarks are insensitive, while other disgusting remarks are just fine?

In case you had not noticed, it often has much to do with the "agenda!" It also seems the norm now-a-days to hang someone with a guilty sign first (without a fair trial or even a trial at all, of course); never mind any form of due process.

What is equally amusing to me is how many Christians "fawn" over Hawking in spite of his atheist beliefs. One wrote trying to access a significance to his date of dying. Whatever makes these intelligent folks happy is just fine with me, too!

But what I cannot help but wonder about is why he is so important. Why is it that every word he spoke, no matter how outrageous, was given so much ink and space? What I want to know is what did he produce that was such a huge benefit to humanity that justifies the accolades? Maybe someone can enlighten me! 

Personally, I have more respect for the "average Joe" who works hard, raises his family, contributes to the continuation of our people, and raises children who also further our interests, but never makes the headlines! Apparently Hawking had children. How he managed that is a bit beyond my imagination....

There seems to be a media frenzy these days to aggrandize the weak and the misfits. Queerness is promoted like manna from heaven, weaklings and cripples are touted on the same level as warriors (in battle or otherwise), genders are blurred wherever possible (how stupid can one be?), politically correct bums can do nothing wrong, while those who oppose any left-wing or communist style dictation are demonized to no end. Apparently there are limits to "sensitivity!" The MINISTRY OF TRUTH knows what is best for us all.....

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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