Tuesday, December 29, 2015



  Remarkable Waters of Difference!

     In today's so called modern society, we are constantly being bombarded with nonsense. Everything that is good is now bad; everything that is bad is now good. It is all orchestrated malarkey. The biggest joke is that many of us actually believe it! And therein lays a major problem…….
    Every animal has the good sense and instinct to seek the opposite gender as a mate. Animals are thought to have no ability to reason. But they have instincts. People are supposed to reason, but they seem to have issues showing and using it! They have also lost their instincts. Their instincts are replaced with ideology, a poor substitute! Promoting homosexuality, for instance, is the same as genocide. If all people were homos, society would disappear. It does not require much common sense to understand that principle. But apparently one can be taught to believe anything! So what is the point of shoving it in our faces all the time?
     Every animal seeks out his own kind. Every farmer who raises cattle, breeds them true to kind. If raising Black Angus, for instance, he does not mix them with Herefords! If a man raises Fjord Horses, he does not cross-breed them with Percherons! But with people, the laws of genetics go right out the window! Anybody will do! We are lied to and told all are the same regardless of physical, mental or social ability and standing. Again, reason goes down the drain. And all normal associations related to tribe, culture or background is done away with by such bogus thinking. What is the point of all this?
     The Elite Media is full of almost maniacal pro-Negro bias: all blacks are discriminated against, all whites are discriminators. I have to ask myself: what would blacks be doing today if it wasn’t for white incursion into Africa centuries ago?! And these primitives have all willingly adopted the white man’s clothes, refrigerators, computers, cars, railroads, aircraft, weapons, language, money and a hundred other things they never had any interest in developing on their own before, much less any desire or thought to do so!! And they are complaining? They should be GRATEFUL!! If they really are that unhappy, maybe they should go back to loincloths and spear-chucking!
     Every tribe of people has a right to support themselves, feel good about themselves and rise up to their greatest potential in life. Finding fault with each others mistakes, and emphasizing false hatred only breeds more stupidity and violence. So the question again becomes; what is the point of all this?
     The answer is a simple one. We are all being used by some evil folks who have a sinister purpose.. The answer is found by checking out the WHO AND WHY. Once that is established, then the answer becomes obvious and clear as day. Likewise, the solution becomes even easier: stand up for yourselves and your peoples, challenge the "garbage men" and ignore the crap!!

These two photographs are in digital format and are from the Author's Ektachrome Slide Collection. The pictures show the junction of the Little Colorado River with the main Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. They illustrate the concept of what happens when different waters mix and disappear into a void! Think about it! There is nothing "equal" about these waters!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst
Posted December 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015


Upon Us!

Moisture and cold combine for a winter spectacle!

For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is a pretty sure thing. It is also fair to say it can be a pretty thing, too! Prior to the winter weather getting underway, many forecasters have said it would be a dry winter. Well, so far it has been quite wet in America's Pacific Northwest. Does that mean it will continue to stay that way? Well, no, quite frankly anything can and usually does happen. One can almost always bet that forecasters are often wrong! We will know for sure when winter is over and we can add up the score! In the meantime, enjoy what comes!

The following are from winters past:

"Mush! You Huskies"! Local Dog Sled Photo by Inga Hesstvedt Published on the back cover of Spokane Magazine

And this is from the winter of 2016....
Winter birds feed on seeds!

Drip Drip Drip, the Language of Icicles!

The "Abominable Snowman" Sheds a Load!

Except as noted above,
Photographed and Posted by 
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst