Sunday, November 12, 2017


(updated December 12, 2017. 
This gets messier and messier. Gloria Allred is caught manufacturing a yearbook fairy tale! Her "crying actress" admits she wrote some of the yearbook entry! And now a write-in candidate is trying to divide and conquer! The establishment is in a panic mode over the candidacy of Judge Moore.)


If it is anything American establishment politicians love to hate, it is an honest man. There are very few honest men in Congress. We can probably count them on the fingers of ONE HAND! The majority of them have seriously compromised themselves in some way and can easily be destroyed (reputation wise) on the basis of such  information. That is a reason the piranhas in Congress go along with the "agenda!"
There is probably no more decadent person on our earth than Hillary Clinton. She simply is a female "devil" in all she does. Her scandals have now reached such a level that this writer fails to see how anyone can continue to cover up for her; but they do it anyway!
The bashing of President Trump continues on the same basis. He can do nothing right, and suffers everyday from attacks in the "Jews-media."
Along comes a former Gentile judge, Roy Moore from Alabama, professing his Christianity, his love of the Constitution, white people and so on, and he is not only demonized by the press and politicians, but it is demanded of him he resign on the basis of the wildest and ancient allegations.
Traitor and Communist North Vietnam  collaborator John Mc Cain is perhaps the worst offender in this matter. He knows perfectly well, that allegations are just that, allegations. He also knows perfectly well that allegations have to be proven, otherwise they are just more 
"he said-she said."
But that does not bother this man who appears to suffer from mental illness, not to mention an acknowledged tumor of some kind. He is simply serving his masters wishes by trying to completely dismantle an interesting campaign by neutralizing opposition, which is what Judge Moore represents. Certainly, the TIMING of the allegations is both suspect and concerning!
Consider this thought: IF, I emphasize IF, the judge was guilty of impropriety some forty years ago, why is this news NOW rather than then? He should have been prosecuted THEN, but he wasn't.
So far, the judge has realized this is just more sleaze. It is essential he minimize discussion of the matter and concentrate on his campaign. It is also essential he file a lawsuit against his accuser and the newspaper that published this apparent slander. The reputation of the accuser is not stellar, it seems! 
When Mr. Trump was running for election, all kinds of "wild women" came out of the wood-work to accuse him of all sorts of stuff. Interestingly, they were scarce as hens teeth after his election. What happened to their accusations? They simply disappeared into the woods and we hear nothing more about it. It was all baloney. It is very likely the Moore affair is more of the same.

Here is Gloria Allred (right) with a crocodile-tear-shedding emotion-driven "victim" brought forth to defame Judge Moore. Allred is an ambulance chasing Jewish "lawyer" well known for her witness-coaching tactics. The object is to generate false or undeserved "sympathy," which often resonates well with people who do not think things through. Allred did the same with Mr. Trump before he was elected. Now, it turns out the "yearbook" excerpt is a phony. Nothing like handwriting analysis to show up a huckster! Not only that, but this "professional crier" now also ADMITS SHE WROTE some of the entry!

This whole thing is an attempt to criminalize masculinity. It was a common thing for all of us to date when we were in high school. It was also common  to date high school girls when we were out of high school. Some of us knew girls who were in the lower grades who also eventually graduated. It is also quite common for older men to date younger women. It is the way of the world. In my own family that was not just common, but accepted and  worked quite well. To suggest there was something underhanded about it requires proof. How much proof can exist from 40 years ago? And why should that derail a campaign at this stage? Let's face it, Judge Moore scares the hell out of the establishment! When members of Congress say they won't allow him to be seated if he is elected, that shows how badly he upsets the "powers that be!"

BUT, the Jewish establishment should be more careful. There are enough diddlers, exposers and screwballs in Jewish Hollywood to derail their entire industry. In recent days the admissions coming from those devils is very concerning to say the least. With such a large participation of Jews, it is small wonder they need to make false accusations against Gentiles so the world does not figure out that this a common practice of that one tribe only.
Titus 1:10 says it best: "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision." Titus 1:11 continues: "Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake."
Since those folks have learned nothing in the last 2,300 years about anything that even resembles proper conduct, it is best to be wary of their tactics.
The concept of Innocent until proven Guilty is paramount to a civilized society. 

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst