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Mother Nature has her own ways! Sometimes she is a sight to behold, other times she can be a real beast. Country living means an opportunity to interact with the environment in many ways. Some are pleasant to the senses. Others, clearly are not! 

We have had a Birch Tree that has graced our place for many decades. In fairness, she had close company of other birches as well. She was always a pleasure to watch. In springtime, she would break out with the most beautiful leaf displays.... And the morning sun always seemed to bring out the best in colors and contrasts....

In the fall she would put on the most gorgeous colors of that season, and if we did not get any freak, cold storms, the intense colors would last and last..... Each year the tree grew in size and scope. It seemed the colors just got better and better with the passing of time... As it grew, it became more and more spindly with its crown higher and higher until the tree measured almost 120 feet....

But....such grand and glorious things were not to last! There comes time in every trees life when it, too, must fall... and she did, with a resounding crash that sounded like a bomb going off as it hit the ground. It was the end of the line for Old Lady Birch!

The storm that finally took her out was a freak one that originated in the Prairie Provinces of Canada, coming in with a late August blast that changed the entire makeup of the area. It is more usual that such storms occur in the winter when trees are not so likely to be destroyed. In summer, with all the heavy foliage,  trees are truly vulnerable. She wasn't the only tree to go. As the intense down-canyon winds of 70 to 100 MPH continued relentlessly, trees bent like matchsticks....going, going...and gone!

 They fell like dominoes, blocking roads, taking out many a fence, sheds and even slitting the covering on greenhouses. In short, it made a mess......

It was dangerous to be out and about as debris was flying everywhere, and snapping branches and trees were a threat to life and limb. Even houses were not spared, as windows oscillated, woodwork groaned and siding was damaged.

In some places, entire groves disappeared in the murderous winds.....

An examination of the ground around the Birch Tree after it was all over, makes it obvious why she went down. She was too tall, too heavy with foliage, and the root-wad, while some twenty feet in diameter, sat on a bed of rocks! The bed made it tougher to anchor the heavy frame as the years went by! The Old Lady is just a memory now. She may make some firewood or a bonfire at some point, but the pictures tell the story of the life-cycle of a Grand Olde Dame!

Photographs and Story 
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst


Friday, August 12, 2016


(Notice updates at the end of this story!)

Folks, these graphic photographs were taken this morning looking east  (8 August 2016) beginning at 10:15 Pacific Daylight Time, and ending about 30 minutes later. Photographs show a CONTRAIL (not a normal jet vapor-trail) being spewed out by an aerial sprayer and gradually expanding and drifting over a huge area. The aircraft was flying a west to east pattern over Eastern Washington, the Panhandle of Idaho and Western Montana. It has been a while since I have seen these in our area. Normally, they run checkerboard patterns in the sky. This one was just ONE single trail. After 90 minutes, it looks just like a normal cirrus cloud. Eventually it all drifts to earth. The question is, why is this not talked about openly, and what in the world is the make-up of the sprayed materials?? If you sometimes wonder why you don't feel well from time to time, and for no apparent reason, here is a possible culprit. But don't complain to the "authorities," they will call you a CONSPIRACY NUT! The pictures, however, speak for themselves! There is nothing NUTTY about them!

This is not something new, but rather has been going on for some time throughout much of the so-called civilized world. There are those who have done some research and allege these are dangerous materials that have a massive negative environmental impact. That means people as well as animals, plus the general environment, may be at risk.

These two photographs were taken a few minutes apart. The view is to the south from the same location as our first montage shown above. The difference here is that we have cirrus clouds as well. But the checkerboard pattern is being started. It can be seen in the second photograph, how the upper air is moving, and pushing along the clouds as well as the con-trails. As each trail is added, it covers an entire state and more! Both photographs taken at 9AM PDT        16 October 2015.

I have personally seen the spraying so dense and so bad in checkerboard fashion that it left an entire state or more in a fog that gradually settles to earth. What its purpose is, I can only guess at. The concern is, that when someone tries to ask questions, there is nothing but denials, silence and many times name-calling. Nothing new there; why the mystery?? What is being hidden from the public at large? There are reports that lawsuits are in the making. We shall see what develops, if anything.

Here is a vertical view taken from the same location, showing the results of the spraying. If one is not paying attention, the whole matrix disappears into the cirrus clouds, and is lost. But once noticed, it is very obvious. This photograph also taken on              16 October 2015 at 9AM PDT.
The main thing is to be aware of the problem, observe and document it. The pictures here are graphic. This is not some nut job making silly claims, these are obvious developments. The more questions that are raised, the more likely that this matter will be openly talked about, and maybe something will eventually be done about it. Certainly, everyone is due an explanation!

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The Following is Posted 16 August 2016:

This is ONE set of Contrails. The left photograph is simply the LEFT half of the trails. The Blue Arrows show the obvious point of overlap. These were taken about 5 PM PDT on 16 August 2016. The view is to the north.

This photograph was taken at 5:15 PM the same afternoon, showing the dissipation pattern, and also showing a tendency to look like High Thin Clouds! In one hour after the first photograph was taken, all that could be seen was a high thin overcast! 

These photographs were captured more by chance than anything. The Red Circles show the same sky area. The enlarged right photograph features the plane itself, making another pass across the same area as an hour earlier. The left photograph, taken a few minutes after, shows the pattern in relation to the ground. These were taken about 6 PM PDT 16 August 2016, again looking north.

If these developments are not followed from the start, they become hidden from view as time marches on. The current spraying sequence has now lasted several days. I have not been able to show all the spraying because it goes on at different times, and is not always caught at the beginning! Here, however, the contrasts are perfect, so it is easy to demonstrate. In other lighting situations it is harder to spot and document. All photographs displayed here were taken from the same location.

This post is added on 19 August 2016:

It seems that the Powers That Be are increasingly worried that people are catching on to a spraying program designed to completely control planet Earth.  The New York Times is reporting that  an article from many scientists is poo-pooing any public concern that contrails may be a problem. The article is published in a closed forum known as ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS.
It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic "scientific journal" covering all aspects of "environmental science." They insist that there is no secret program involved. However, they also make no claims regarding its safety. 

Here is a  book that has other ideas, for those interested in many aspects of the controversy. It is readily available on the internet.

Photographed and Written
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Tuesday, August 9, 2016




Ever since Victor Thorn first published his Trilogy on the Clinton Mob, it seems that more and more uncomfortable material about Hillary Clinton keeps surfacing. The death of Thorn will always be a "thorn-in- the-side" of many of us who are not beyond wondering whether he really did take his own life. There are unconfirmed reports circulating, that Thorn "prepared" for his "exit" from this world by closing accounts and settling his affairs. That gives rise to speculation he was murdered, that his death was a carefully and professionally staged suicide. But, since his brother has sincerely and eloquently denied there was any foul play, it is necessary to respect his view.
All that being said and done, there are pictures floating around on the internet showing Hillary Clinton is physically ill, that she has trouble walking up steps by herself, and has to be assisted. The last time we had a really sick president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who suffered from polio. The press at the time kept the secret from the American people. He was always photographed standing or sitting, never, of course, walking! It was not until this last year, that CNN actually did a piece on that. Nothing like waiting 70 or so years to report the facts! Likewise, the kept press is not reporting Hillary's current problems.
To make matters even more interesting, is an article recently written by Mike Savage called "A Man of Courage is a Man of his Word." It is a dissertation on why FBI head Comey refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton regarding her email scandal. He reports that FBI agents are livid over the refusal to prosecute. They may not have had an iron-clad case, but a believable case that should have at least gone to trial. It is a given that Hillary Clinton is the choice of the elite in this world, and that all stops are taken out to see to it that she "wins." 
Consequently, her husband Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, pressured Comey to drop the charges! He was told that if he prosecuted and lost, that he, Comey, would be prosecuted for interfering in a federal election, because the Democratic candidate would have to be withdrawn from the election, and they would see to it that he could be put away for life! That is raw blackmail, which is also a crime, but it goes to show how far these corrupt morons will go to have their way! 
Hillary's statements to the FBI were reportedly made without a court reporter present, so Congress and others would never have a record of what she said, hence she could never be prosecuted for Lying or Obstruction of Justice or False Testimony!    
This whole matter is what people in the legal community call "Straw Man Prosecution." It involves accusing someone of a crime they cannot prove instead of prosecuting a crime that has a better chance of conviction! It is commonly used to make it appear someone is really innocent (or not guilty), when in fact they most certainly are! This sort of stuff is morally and legally wrong, but it is somewhat of a common practice! Compare her prosecution with the way the Edward Snowden Case is handled and you get the idea that this very highly selective non-prosecution!
Savage points out that if Hillary had been charged with "Destruction of Government Documents," she might have been convicted because she admitted it. Instead, she was charged with "Mishandling Government Documents," which of course, means that proving intent is much more difficult! Naturally and logically, Comey declined to prosecute! This is an example of prosecution-games that are being played on a regular basis! 
The article by Mike Savage to which I refer here was posted to the Miles-Franklin Newsletter and released by email 8 August 2016. Miles Franklin, as a matter of interest, is a precious metals dealer in Minnesota who has been in business for decades, and their letters often include very interesting, informative, sometimes provocative materials on finance and politics. I have no financial or other connections with Miles-Franklin, either now or in the past, and purely cite them as source material for this story! 

Photograph by the blogger.
Story written 
  Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

Friday, August 5, 2016



The following tribute was originally penned by the blogger and posted to his Facebook Page. It is edited and expanded here:


 Once upon a time, someone important said that.

Scott Makufka, known professionally as Victor Thorn, was found dead this week by his own hand, in his native Pennsylvania woods. The death shocked his co-workers and fans. It makes little common sense to any of us. Thorn was at the peak of his career, having penned over 50 books, was co-founder of WING-TV, a group of independent journalists, and was author of hundreds of articles published world-wide. He was also a regular contributor to American Free Press. He is best known as a hard-hitting researcher who made mincemeat out of the fictitious story that 911 was the work of a maniac hiding in a cave in Afghanistan! He also was author of a Trilogy on the crimes of the Clinton Mob. His most recent book, CROWNING CLINTON, explains why Hillary must never become president. His brother, who was very close to Victor, was interviewed on the AFP website, stating there was no foul play involved. Maybe so. Maybe not. A very trustworthy source who is in a position to know, and whom I choose not to identify here, told me Victor closed his Amazon Account, telephone account and so forth, before making his "exit." That could mean he planned his suicide, but it could also just as well mean it had been planned for him by pros. At this point in time, there is no way to be 100% sure.

The interview link is found here, and can be pasted into your browser:

As a point of interest, so-far his death is ignored by the major media in the US. They are apparently too busy covering for Clinton and savagely and verbally sodomizing Trump!


Images are from the AFP Website.
Tribute written by
 Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst