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Washington DC (District of Corruption) has always been a "la-la" land. There was once a column written by some famous muckrakers (columnists Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson) in the "press," who liked and used that title! However, here I use it in a general sense! 

To date, I have refrained from significant commentary about President Donald Trump, simply because he seemed quite different from other "politicians." He is one of the first politicians in my memory (and it goes back to Dwight David Eisenhower and Harry Truman), who has actually made an effort to keep a few promises made during his campaign. 

The appointment of Judge Gorsuch is interesting. If he proves to be a Constitutional Type of Judge on the Supreme Court, then that is a plus for us all. If Trump gets to nominate other justices to the Court with a similar bent, that also may bode well for us. However, the "powers that be" are hell bent on destruction with respect to the "Donald." It seems he can do nothing right. But then again, no major paper endorsed him; no major network ever said anything good about him from day one. That in itself is a first, in my memory!

What was most surprising to me was the GENUINE shock and surprise displayed by the so-called "press" at the time he was elected! Elections often seem rigged to me (but that is another subject for another time), so therefore this came as a huge shock to the "establishment," to hear them talk.

There has been no follow-up to the false charges made against Trump during his campaign by certain women; by the same token, he has not sued them either. He should have; make them prove their allegations for a change. He also has not kept his promise to jail Hillary Clinton!

But the biggest thing has been the Russian fiasco which consists of nothing provable except constant statements from so-called intelligence people that Russia meddled in the US election. Those morons can hide behind "national security" and other noble-sounding terms and lie like hell at the same time. They act like robots performing the same function! My suspicion is they are professional fakers and liars, and are not doing it particularly well, either! Are they orchestrating another major war to "save" our economy?

(updated 6/10/2017) 
There is no point in my wasting any space here to discuss the so-called Comey Testimony. It is hard to come up with anything better than what we have already written. There is no proof of Russian interference of the kind alleged for months now. All that remains is innuendo after innuendo. Why Comey and his clique are not totally EMBARRASSED by the so-called testimony is beyond me to figure out.

Is it possible this will develop into another "Watergate affair," you know, the one that toppled President Richard M. Nixon? Or is it even possible (horror of all horrors) that a "Kennedy option" might be on some crazy's table, and that any possible threat along that line could have been responsible for Trump's sudden turn on Syria? We can speculate endlessly, of course. There is no way for us "outsiders" to have any real information on that subject. However, what we can say with certainty, is that any observer of history knows that history repeats, and quite frankly, nothing surprises me anymore!

Speaking of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I remember him well. He was my "Commander-in-Chief" when I served in the US ARMY. I have written about that in my newly released book An Immigrant Remembers, and even included a picture of graffiti put up by communists in France where I served at the time in 1963 (see "An Immigrant Remembers" Page 273, Figure 130, with detailed insert). All of us who are old enough to remember the assassination of JFK can clearly remember where we were that day and what we were doing. It was a HUGE SHOCK to us soldiers at the time, and we all have stories to tell about that one. I did, and my story is now in print!

I wish President Trump all the luck in the world. He has an absolutely thankless job. No matter what he chooses to do, right or wrong, he will be hounded by the Washington Hyenas until they get what they "want"..... It won't be in our interests, either.

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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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