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And this may be the start of more of the same around the world! Way to go, Limeys!!

It is really funny to watch the establishment media run their "shock and awe" circus! CNN, for instance, ran an article on "REGRETS-IT" implying that people regretted their vote! CNN has also suggested that the referendum is not binding, so therefore can be ignored! Is there no shame at all for the way these prostitutes twist everything?

It is truly amazing to me that a socialist country like England, with so many on public assistance and so many working for the government, can actually get a majority to vote for leaving the dictatorship of the EU! It is very significant. It simply says that Britain is tired of being used as a dumping ground for the EU's immigration trash, and sick and tired of being told what to do in all other matters. Britain and Europe can do all the trading and working together they want without compromising the integrity and independence of Britain or anyone else. That is not the way the EU bureaucrats in Brussels see it, however. They just want more and more economic and physical power over everyone and it clearly is not working. The EU economically is on the verge of collapse. One cannot expect more productive European Countries to constantly prop up weaker ones. The whole thing needs to break up into more manageable national enclaves as before, so each nation can decide for themselves what is the best action for THEM, not some faceless idiot in Brussels!

It is sometimes helpful to remember that Adolf Hitler was a proponent of a United Europe many years ago. He was met with derision for that. Many years later, the idea was floated about a United States of Europe and the Euro currency was born! Then it was touted as a wonderful thing! Apparently it was not a question of "whether," but of "who runs" the show! It is laughable!

It pays to bear in mind that the EU was an experiment in World Government. It is a colossal failure on all fronts and the sooner it goes "bye-bye" the better for everyone! Don't expect the "Reptiles that Be" to take it all sitting down. They will manipulate the value of the British Pound and other items to suit their own agenda in an effort to convince people that independence is a terrible idea. In the long run it won't fly, but look for a rocky road ahead.

All one has to do is look at NAFTA and other Sovereignty-robbing and employment-ruining treaties the US has been subjected to in the past few decades and see what has happened to America economically to realize this is all very bad for all of us. My best guess is that independence movements will continue. Smaller is Better! 

Washington, the EU, Israel and other incompetents have been running the show for too long. They are trying their best (or worst) to get a war started between Russia and Europe. That is the last thing anybody wants or needs, but the War Drums keep beating on a daily basis! Don't be fooled by all the hoopla....its a good deal for armament makers and others like them but a bad deal all around for the rest of us!

Its always best to have and continually strive for good relations with everyone, instead of trying to play World Bully. President George Washington said it best, when in his Farewell Address, he spoke against foreign entanglements. The results of disregarding his sound advice speak for themselves! 

The Sun Needs to Set on World Government! 
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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

Sunday, June 19, 2016



"Foggy Bottom"
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Here is today's Parody from Washington, DC (District of Corruption):

Well, folks, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The President issued Executive Order number three million today. It orders a major change in how the "White House" is maintained! It seems the esteemed building will undergo a complete change of color from White to Black, to keep from offending the first family! President Ebony maintains that the current color does not accurately represent the make-up of today's modern society and that his change will create a higher harmony in the life of all Americans! Consequently the place will now be known as the "Black House!"
The First Wife declared she would do her part and change the color of the toilet paper in the rest-rooms of the edifice from white to black!  

The Order promptly drew a backlash from the legislative branch! Senator Tight-bottom observed it would cost more than a million current dollars to make and install black toilet tissue! He also noted it would cost an extra five million dollars to cool the building during each hot summer as the color black absorbs heat! President Ebony promptly called Senator Tight-bottom an unabashed racist and hate-monger! He also said even though many Americans were not working these days thanks to the president's exemplary policies, they could still afford it! It would show their true commitment to the president's noble agenda!

Other voices in Congress added their concerns. Senator Bullshits-ski labeled the Order "bizarre" and "insensitive" as a new president would be installed on the White House Throne soon, and may want to change the color back to White! To this President Ebony said something that is totally unprintable in this family blog; he was "encouraged" by staff to refer to his teleprompter for a more "politically correct" response!

Congressman Wishey-washy, who is noted for his maniacal opposition to aspiring Presidential Candidate Donald Trump noted that if Trump wins he would dub the White House "The Dumpster!" This of course, generated a sharp response from the Pro-Trump crowd who promptly suggested Congressman Wishey-washy did not want to make America great again!

Finally, Senator Straight-man, who is an unabashed critic of the gay lobby suggested that we should wait to see if "Pillary" might win, in which case she might prefer a Rainbow of colors! The good senator further groused that if she should win, he would have no choice but to refer to the 
edifice as the "Dyke House!" The Hillary Clinton Mob promptly suggested the senator suffers from a bad case of homophobia and that he was spreading "hate speech!"

And that's the way the Washington Merry-go-round spins today, good people, as our little Parody comes to a close! Laugh, drink and make Merry!!

Dreamed Up and Written by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Friday, June 17, 2016



Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park
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Whatever our fate in life, we all have certain "life-lies" we hold dear. The phrase was probably coined by someone who was not very popular! So exactly what is a "life-lie?" It is something that we believe in that just is not true.
Some examples will suffice: 1) We believe in democracy, as though "democracy" is a norm or a given or even makes any sense. There are many tribes in the world who do not even understand what it means. They just know that when they lose, they go to war! Democracy works on the false principle that the majority knows best. They don't! 2) Gun Control saves lives! What a crude and cruel joke. Just ask any people that is disarmed and at the mercy of a cruel government if they are any better off or "safer!" They are not. Governments are regular killing machines that go at their work with gruesome regularity. They do it with a justification that others are "evil," and a "threat" to "their" superior existence! 3) Central Banks are there to help us!  They are not. They are there to make sure the cards are stacked in their favor regardless of the consequences.
In the past few days, we see some glaring examples of "life-lies" at work. The recent killing of 50 people in Orlando is given huge press coverage. What is so important about that? 50 Homosexuals who presumably will never reproduce (and therefore do not have a long-term future) are given all this space and attention? Even funnier and more ridiculous is the government actually KNEW the killer, had investigated him and found him without "blemish!" Is this another "set-up," or not? Well, somebody knows the answer to that one and is saying nothing! 
There are small wars around the world continuing every day we never hear anything about nor do we hear about their casualties. Where is the outrage? There isn't any! Or the Waco Massacre by a government gone mad, which killed far more men women and children than Orlando, is never mentioned. The killing of sailors on board the USS LIBERTY by Israel is never mentioned. All of a sudden, the gun-control freaks come out of the wood-work as if on cue, screaming for more restrictions on weapons! Such behavior is so plastic, how can people not see through this garbage?! How would enacting new laws have prevented the Orlando Massacre? It wouldn't have! I personally live in an area where weapons are very common, yet we seldom have murders. So, the concept is baloney! 
Well then, what is this all about? Its very simple: the agenda calls for disarming legitimate people, to make them easy to manage by a regime whose ultimate purpose is enslavement of all. If you say that too loudly in public you probably will be at least verbally abused!
Much ado has been made about "Brexit," the proposal for Britain to become more economically independent. The idea really scares the elite silly, who work to centralize all economic control. So conveniently, a man kills a Member of Parliament and all of a sudden debate is suspended by BOTH sides and the election thrown into a tizzy that may change the outcome! Its not a stretch to view this as a rigged game!
My, but our leaders are smart! They know how to play their cards well and the "sheeple" fall for it every time!
Whatever happens, remember the "life-lies" and be sure to believe them! After all, they are the bulwark of a totalitarian society that we all secretly love so much......and that some folks are working so hard to achieve............

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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

Saturday, June 4, 2016



     We Americans love to praise our fallen military on Memorial Day. That is as it should be! But, when was the last time (or the first time for that matter), you heard a tribute to the 24 dead and the 174 survivors of the USS LIBERTY INCIDENT on June 8, 1967 when Israel Torpedoed, Napalmed and Bombed the crap out of OUR ship in International Waters? Strangely, it is seldom mentioned. 

      USN Captain William Mc Gonagle maneuvered the LIBERTY in such a way as to keep the ship from sinking. He was awarded the MEDAL OF HONOR for his role. Yet, he is never mentioned in the accolades for our fallen, either. On his gravestone, his Medal of Honor is given prominence, but the Liberty Incident is missing! His other service is listed, however!

     Phillip Tourney, a USN Petty Officer, who was aboard the ship the day of the incident, wrote an interesting book called WHAT I SAW THAT DAY. It is sobering reading. Sometimes, our professed “friends” may not be our friends at all. As a matter of fact, who needs "friends" like that???


The Blogger has received some emails on this subject from several sources. The most often cited opinion relates to the idea that the Israeli incident with the USS Liberty was a "Misunderstanding" of some sort! That is the official position of the Zionist State, perhaps. It is false. The pilots who initially sought out the USS Liberty flew so close that the men on board could clearly see the man in the cockpit! How does one miss a huge American Flag flying in the breeze on a clear day? And, even more importantly, how can one "misunderstand" an American ship (for an Egyptian one) with identification numbers painted in huge letters on the bow and claim with a straight face that this was a mistake?
Well its easy: if you are looking for sympathy and have no problem lying, it is simple to say! 
It has been clearly established that the "one-eyed bandit" Moshe Dyan personally gave the order to sink the ship. The Navy personnel who were there at the time, have their stories straight. The cover-up has continued for almost 50 years......

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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst