Monday, January 29, 2018


(This classic article is being revised and updated regularly as comments and suggestions come in. updated February10, 2018)


As a blogger, I write about things that interest me; things I think might interest others. I also write about things in a way that generate both thoughtful comments and consideration as well as consternation. People tend to be a bit too anxious to "go along to get along." Sometimes, I make fun of people and circumstances; sometimes I just play it "straight." 

Recently I have noticed that not only are white people bashed and trashed unceremoniously almost daily everywhere, particularly in the United States, but if anyone stands up for whites as a race, a group, or for any other reason, the first words out of the press and brain-dead folks is "ARE YOU A RACIST?" Or "ARE YOU A WHITE SUPREMACIST?" The really stupid thing is, it is often white so-called journalists who are spearheading such attacks. What is the point of weaponized questions like that? Well, the purpose is to push the agenda designed to demonize us all, of course. Above all, no rational discussion is allowed. Only one point of view matters, nothing else! The "agenda folk" have made up their minds and nothing will change that! And what's more, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, or else!

So, I have a suggestion. Next time someone asks those kinds of questions of you in any discussion, maybe we need a new tactic, a new strategy. Here is my suggestion:

How could anybody be a racist or a white supremacist, when everyone knows that Blacks are superior to everyone. Black Africa has the highest IQ of any continent in the world with a score of 110. Whites, on the other hand, are down in the gutter, barely making 65.  Asians are almost as smart as Blacks coming in with a score of 104.

Blacks were the first to build large sailing ships and circumnavigate the world in the year 500. They settled in many parts of the world and made vibrant contributions to civilization wherever they settled. Blacks were the first to discover America in 600AD. They mined copper and other ore from the rich deposits of what is now the upper Midwest in United States. They used ores to make copper plate and made the first bronze bells. Blacks had the first written language, invented the printing press and taught the rest of the world to read and write. They built huge churches and edifices of magnificent character and spread Christianity around the world. 

Blacks were very peaceful, never took up the spear against their neighbors, but were always demonized by those awful inferior Whites. 

Blacks invented the first cars, the first refrigerators, started the INTERNET and built magnificent roads, bridges and dams. They were the first to develop electricity, and wired their continent before anyone. 

Blacks were first on the moon, the stars and other galaxies. They have an innate ability to invent new gadgets and useful tools that all great civilizations need.

Blacks contributed to science, religion and medical science in ways that others are unable to do. They never complain about anything, and are very studious and thoughtful.

Blacks were the first to recognize what a boon to mankind feminism is, and introduced the concept of equal rights and equal justice under the law. Under black majority rule, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria, to name just a few, have become not only the breadbaskets of the world, but first rate examples of what paradise is like and also what real civilizations are truly like. What is there not to cause us to worship his Royal Blackness when he has contributed so much......

If anyone of you who have read this far, really believes what I wrote, then I will sell you an interest in the Brooklyn Bridge in New York for Two Dollars! But, if you see the need for a smart way to put down all the crooks in the world who are doing everything they can to demonize the true inventors and workers, then you may want to use the above technique and see what sort of reactions you get from Boobus Americanus or anyone else. Just change "Blacks" to "Jews" or "Feminists" or "Queers" or any other "classification" you wish to lampoon! Let me know what the reaction is, please!

Thanks in advance for your valuable input!

If you are interested in some contributions of White Males, here is a link to some thought-provoking ideas, please copy and paste these link into your browser:

It might be worthwhile to note, that the inventions of the white man have been shared world-wide. What is it about others that have trouble recognizing accomplishments regardless who made them? Is it jealousy, anger, or just plain desire to covet what others have? Or is it to tear down accomplishments of others? It is always amazing to me how those who have little ability, always disrespect those who have ability. What does it cost to acknowledge your friend, your family or anyone for that matter and say, "Gee that was great, thank you for your welcome input!"

Or how about some of the comments from Black Males? Booker T. Washington, head of Tuskegee Institute had a few ideas of his own.
Here is a sampling:
1) No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity to tilling the field as in writing a poem.
2) In all things that are purely social, we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to progress.
3) The wisest among my race understand that agitation of questions of social equality is the extremest folly.

It is time people start acknowledging the accomplishments of everyone, not just those that suit us. If you are a cotton-picker, be the best you can be. If you cannot acknowledge the contributions of a common laborer and make him feel proud of his labor, one can hardly expect him or others to acknowledge people who work on a different project or level. Not only is a man worthy of his wage, but he is also worthy to be recognized for what he contributes.

Recently, a retarded "college professor" was seen on a video telling his students that members of the military were the lowest rung on the totem pole. Is he kidding? Soldiers are special; they do a job not everyone can or wants to do. Having been one, I can tell you without reservation, that if I had to have someone watching my back it would be a "brother soldier" who KNOWS I will watch his back in return. One thing is for sure, I would hardly expect the retarded "college professor" to be worthy of protecting me.... The likelihood is he would stab me in the back faster than the devil himself!

Think about what is said these days...and ask yourself the question....why the lack of appreciation??

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


(Edited and updated January 13, 2018)


It seems that a sense of humor has disappeared from our collective conscience!

The blogger was treated to the above picture from a collection of clothes by H and M clothing company today, and it made him grin! Not only was the comment and the picture cute and clever, but it seems that instead of taking it in stride, some people went over the edge and decided that this was the most awful thing that ever had been created. So, a couple of detractors got this piece of clothing with its inscription removed from the company's supplies.
Some humans DO look like Jungle Bunnies, so this should not create any problem. "Tarzan of the Apes" was an enormously popular character in the movies. "Planet of the Apes" was a popular movie, too. Funny how no-one complained. Some dog owners look like their dogs, too. Witness the Cruella De Ville character in the "101 Dalmatians" movie, for instance? How come no one complains about that? It seems everywhere you go nowadays, mental midgets fail to see anything funny about people or their resemblance to our animal friends. Yet, all that having been said, have you noticed the vulgar and dirty Tee Shirts that abound, and that no one complains about them? Apparently, dirt and filth is fine, but heaven help those who try to see the humor in us all!
Recently, someone with a sense of humor went to the trouble of putting up illegal signs in California to make a political point. Here are two examples:

It is time that people start seeing themselves for the stupid, brain-dead morons they sometimes are! And since political satire has always been with us in all civilizations, we may as well get used to it. Otherwise, pretty soon just LOOKING at someone will be a criminal offense!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst