Monday, April 17, 2017



     I have, over the last year, written some true, but not-so-nice things about Nobama. 
     By nature, I tend to be a kind man. But the shenanigans this disgraceful creature has engaged in, defies all description. He has been promoted as one of the greatest "leaders" of our age..... Yet he will go down in history as being the one of the worst, and who returned slavery to Africa!
     I tend to call things as I see them. In my life-time of observations I have concluded it is not wise to let other people rule you. As individuals, we need to chart our own course in life, know where we are headed and make course-adjustments as needed based either on changing circumstances or rising understanding.
    As a people, it is not wise for White Folks to allow other peoples to rule over us. There is no way that a black man (actually a mongrel, a mixture of both black and white), can rule us properly. He simply lacks both the brains and the cultural sensitivity to make such a leader! What he does make, is a "good communist" and dictator. And, he appears to have been "selected" by certain "powers that be," to do "a job" on the rest of us.
     American Indian writer David Yeagley described Nobama as "...a lying black man." I have written and quoted Yeagley earlier in articles on this blog, comments which are both sobering and right-on-the-money.
     But, in recent weeks, some more troubling stuff has arisen about Nobama and the results of his actions. 
It now seems apparent, that what Nobama has done is increase the slave trade in Africa by his actions as an article this week in Horn News points out. How so? Well, there are many groups who are involved in bringing Africans to Europe by promising them a better life and welfare. They have revealed some no-so-nice things about the modern slave trade, which is what the "refugee crisis" is all about! The International Organization for Migration is a source of some of these reports and can be found on the internet. 
     What primitive mind anywhere cannot be seduced by the concept of a never-ending free lunch? It is a no-brainier! It seems that on Nobama's watch, he and Hillary Clinton, in my estimation, one of the most evil women ever in existence, destroyed the Kingdom of Libya, one of the most economically advanced countries in Africa by literally bombing the place back to the stone age. All for the purpose of grabbing a hold of Qaddafi's billions in the Libyan Central Bank, and of course, to secure the oil interests for the internationalists who cannot tolerate independence!
     The net result is that Libya is now run by a series of Islamic clowns who do what comes naturally to them, and that is enslave all who are not of their "faith." It is a common understanding of history that these people were slavers of the worst order, emptying towns and cities from England to the Straits of Bosperous over a period of hundreds of years. Islam is not the religion of peace, but a religion of violence and intolerance to an extreme degree.
     American President Thomas Jefferson, rallied our Marines and Navy to wipe out the slave trade in 1802-1804 by destroying the pirates lair in Tripoli. He would be appalled to see how this racket has been revived, a couple hundred years later!
Even more appalling is the lack of comprehension among at least half our population which engages in self-destructive, college-level-inspired nonsense about bigotry, hatred and false "equality!" 

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Monday, April 3, 2017



Anthony C. Sutton 1925-2002
Our latest contribution to The Barnes Review History Magazine is posted here! Our article is found in the current March/April Issue, and is one of the most important we have written to date. It will be an amazing eye-opener to many who are not familiar with the Epoch Making writings of Professor Anthony Sutton. As a Hoover Institute Fellow, he was in a position to uncover some very interesting, if not shocking statistics on why the world always seems to be  running off its tracks and hinges! It is no accident!
Here is the front cover of this edition of THE BARNES REVIEW:

Our TBR Radio interview about the Sutton article with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, was released April 17th, 2017, and can be found here:

Our article follows: