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"Back to Mindoka!"

The Blogger appeared on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's Radio Show December 26, 2016. We discussed the blogger's Barnes Review article "Back to Minidoka," which was published in the November/December 2016 edition.

On the show, we go into considerable detail about the concentration camps in the US during WW2. We also discuss the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Aleutian Islands and the battles fought there. Its a fascinating discussion on a topic not well known or always talked about! The running time is exactly one hour.

TBR Radio Exclusive: Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst – Back To Minidoka

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 26 2016, TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst to discuss his article, “Back To Minidoka,” in the current November/December 2016 edition of The Barnes Review.
This article focuses on the concentration camps set up in America, for largely American born citizens of Japanese descent, who were rounded up and placed there after America went to war with Japan during World War 2.
We also discussed how the property of these American born citizens of Japanese descent, was sold off at pennies on the dollar, the source of which I quoted from my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored.”

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Andrew also has his own website and the interview is archived there as well:

Thank you for listening!

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Friday, December 16, 2016



(Updated January 1, 2017 below!)

There is an old saying: “Let the buyer beware!”

There is another equally old saying: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!”

And there is still another old saying: “If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again!”

My own saying is the one I like best: “If your first lie did not work, tell a bigger lie next time!!”

     It seems the “establishment” has been out-doing itself this year with superlatives! First, there was the “election!” Well, that what some people call it, anyway. For me, it always seems like a sideshow. The only difference I could tell was, that this time around, for the first time in my life, a non-military, and non-establishment man gets “selected!”

     Now don’t get me wrong, the mood of the people was hostile. There have never been more people at one time who now KNOW there is something radically wrong with American leaders, and perhaps leaders throughout the world, than now! There was much pent up frustration about the Monkey King who resides in the White House. He has been scamming the people for almost a decade with his monkeyshines. Everything from his illegal executive orders to his race-baiting and much in between! To see him actually look cow-towed when President Elect Trump paid him a visit is probably one of the best pictures of the year!

     The prostitute press in the US and throughout the Western World is a loose-cannon. They had predicted with absolute certainty that Trump would LOSE! Not only that, but NOT ONE SINGLE MAJOR NEWSPAPER endorsed him! That also is a first in my memory! So, when the chickens came home to roost in the white-house’s hen-house, ALL of the press was 100% WRONG! Now I ask you this, what are the chances statistically (probabilities) that EVERYONE would be wrong? Near Zero! It does not happen! As President Roosevelt indicated many years ago during his terms in office in the Second World War, “Everyone thinks that things happen by accident, but I can tell you they happen because they are planned that way!” These people are the real FAKERS!

     These same self-styled morons and mental midgets were, of course, totally shocked to be so wrong! Simon Black, of Sovereign Man fame, visiting in Thailand at the time, wrote that Wolf Schlitzer (Blitzer) of CNN looked like he was having an “orgasm” on TV when he actually had to announce Trump as a winner! So, did the media morons apologize for all their wrong-doing? Nope, they acted as though nothing had happened! They looked for all kinds of reasons to explain away the UN-explainable!

     But, then they did something curious: they invented a new term called “Fake News!” What exactly is that? Well, that’s telling truths that the press does not want to hear or see in print! So now, anyone who disagrees with the top fakers, such individuals get labeled as “Fakes!” Facebook, Twitter and other media sites are now scrambling to combat “fake news” by deleting or restricting it! It won’t work! However, there nothing like the pot calling the kettle black!

     The latest tiff is accusing the Russians of meddling in the United States Election. Everyone from the CIA (Central Idiot Agency) to the White House and the press have been spreading the FAKE NEWS story that the Russians were responsible for Wiki-leaks e-mails being released about Clinton, Podesta, “Pizza-gate kiddie-diddling,” and all the rest. Since they desperately need a diversion; a new body to pin it all on, they accuse Vladimir Putin of being behind it! This has got to be FAKE NEWS at its superbest-est! I had to laugh when Putin, through an aide, called it “silly nonsense,” and basically said “put up or shut up!” Where is the proof?? Show me, I want to see it! 

                 Updated January 7, 2017:

It seems these people never quit! In recent days, the "Powers that Be" continue to use the press to spread still more lies about the so-called "Russian Hacking." Now, they pretend they have "proof" of the hacking, but again reveal nothing more that conjured up notions and opinions. If they have the proof they claim they have, why not make it all public down to the "last stroke" so people can make up their minds about this. The "anti-Russia" tirade has reached a fever state where it is starting to look like some very influential people WANT WAR with Russia. I'd like to be wrong about that!

      Getting back to fake news: Even top news faker Brian Williams who was “fired” from NBC for telling bald faced lies, is now back on the air working for another outlet, doing a story on fake news! You have no morals, ethics or shame, Brian!

     I have a suggestion: stop watching TV News and start finding other sources of information. There is plenty of good material out there. It isn’t always right, but likely is more right than the prostitute media! You can then sort it out in your own mind to see if it makes sense. However, one thing is certain; it does not take a Ph.D. or a brain surgeon to tell when the media and leaders are running a scam. And that is what they do best. It’s too bad for them they got found out!

                 Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst



Wednesday, December 14, 2016



Christmas in the cooler areas of the Northern Hemisphere means snow. A White Christmas is always a special time of the year. I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas! 

The following is just for fun!

The OLD farmer threw his OLD covers off his OLD bed,
put on his OLD clothes,
looked out the OLD window,
and saw four inches of SNOW!

He put on his OLD boots,
and went outside his OLD house!
He fired up his OLD tractor,
full of OLD gas,
and plowed his OLD driveway!

As he was plowing, he thought he remembered the lyrics to an OLD song,
and as he hummed along, his OLD brain rearranged the words....
as he sang to his OLD tractor.......

"Ohhhhhh, its PLOOOOOWING time again......
I'm gonna NEEEEED jaaaaaa....."

 Written and Photographed 
the Blogger

Monday, November 21, 2016



Front cover of TBR's November-December 2016 issue

(Note: an audio interview with the author about this article, featuring expanded information, is scheduled for release on or about December 26, 2016. When released, a link will be provided here.)

The November-December 2016 issue of The Barnes Review has been released. This issue features the blogger's article on Minidoka National Historic Site in Southern Idaho (operated by the National Park Service). December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day, remembering the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. What is seldom remembered is the reasons behind the attack, nor is the fact that 120,000 or more Japanese-Americans were incarcerated in concentration camps by the US Army. The article alludes to ten camps, but there were more scattered throughout the US. There were also some 26 camps housing Germans, Italians and others. This piece of writing features a small tidbit about the Japanese at Minidoka, near Jerome, Idaho. Minidoka National Historic Site is open free of charge to the public the year around and features displays along a self-guiding trail. We think you find this article interesting. TBR is an unabashed  "politically incorrect" History Magazine priced at $46 annually for six issues. If you want more information or wish to subscribe, simply visit their website:

      Thank you for reading my article! Here are a few color photographs of exhibits, park service literature and the location:

     Minidoka National Historic Site as it looks today, showing the original entrance and the restored guard tower and parking lot.

      There are two other National Park Service sites within about an hour's drive from Minidoka. They include the huge and fabulous Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, west of Arco, Idaho, and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument at Hagerman Idaho. The monument features a large display of horse-fossils from a by-gone era. Minidoka, which is self-guided, is under the care of the Superintendent at Hagerman.

Written Photographed and Posted 
 Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

Monday, November 14, 2016



     Some years ago, when he was elected as the new Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was variously described as either "The Savior of India" or "India's Worst Nightmare!"
For some he has become the worst nightmare! 
     All countries seem hell-bent on destroying their currencies. They do it by spending more money than they take in. Since they all live beyond their means by promising things they cannot deliver, they must create more money out of thin air. The more money in circulation, the lower its individual value and the more things cost. Sometimes such activity is not readily noticed, but at other times, particularly in times when things get completely out of control, governments are induced to "do something." And boy, do they! It is purely draconian!
     India's currency problem drives middle and upper class people into Gold. It is simply a time-tested means of retaining value. It is also a primary means of dowry in India. It's price may vary over time, but its value cannot be debased because it takes time and capital to find and manufacture the metal. 
     India makes the same mistakes as other countries have. They know that Gold is the enemy of their paper notes, so they try to restrict its importation by taxing it. That makes Gold expensive. The intent is to keep people from buying the metal and instead invest in currency. Eventually, Gold smugglers decide that they can make a profit by smuggling gold and selling it on the black market. This enrages the powers that be so they make it illegal to import without tax. Since smugglers are not deterred by that as long as there is demand, they continue. This leads the government to take more serious measures. Since smugglers use notes to buy and sell Gold, the Government of India decided to arbitrarily and without prior notice, suspend the value of notes, effectively but temporarily ending smuggling. But smugglers are always smarter than governments, they simply will move to other currencies or use a barter method to accomplish their goals.
     The problem with killing the notes and making them worthless, is that millions of people in India who are very poor, need notes to survive. By killing the value of the notes and making them worthless, these people are ruined. Instead of killing off smuggling, this idiotic policy destroys the people who most need money in the form of notes. Such policy is a symptom of insanity.
     An Indian friend of mine who is American educated, lives in India and is CEO of a company there, writes me there are millions of people in India who have been devastated by this policy!
   He further writes that this has created chaos: "Half (our) nation does not have electricity. Quarter (of our) nation has no bathrooms. 85% (of our) nation never uses internet. Baby girls are killed. Only 2% of all sales happen online and in that 98% are cash on delivery. Leaders these days are living in Facebook and Twitter and its leading to a total disconnect with the majority. I travel a lot especially to the poor folks. I went into this slum kind of area yesterday. A guy saved up to buy a bike for his would-be son in law as dowry. To buy a bike you don't need a bank account or tax number. Just give cash and drive off. Since the notes he had were useless, the marriage got called off. Many folks (are) like this, a farmer dies of (a) heart attack because his notes were useless."
     He also says:  "Ours is a country dependent on hard cash. Poor folks are panicking. Our PM (Prime Minister Modi) only talks great like Obama. So in order to do something he did this. There are 30 million in our country who do not have access to a toilet, yet instead of trying to do something more important, they did this. Our earlier RBI (Reserve Bank of India) governor Rajan was fired because he didn't let the govt do such crazy stuff."
     He also makes the point that what India needs is a "Trump" and that may happen in their next election come 2019. This fellow is pretty sharp. Four months ago he predicted a Trump win this election in the United States! He was right!
     The current situation is a tragedy for the people of India. To add insult to injury, they have now printed new notes with Gandhi's image on them! Gandhi would turn over in his grave to see his image misused like that! The worst part is, instead of exchanging bills to perhaps deter smuggling, the government of India made them worthless. The people have to start over. Can this sort of thing happen elsewhere including here? Yes indeed, the "war on cash" may spread. Unfortunately, it is stuff like this of which popular revolutions are made!

 Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



     Over the last year, people in the United States and much of the Western World have been treated to the most destructive, most damaging, most nasty tirade of garbage spewed in politics that I have personally ever witnessed. It did not matter which Jewish-owned news source you went to, they all had the same lies almost word for word. I have alluded to that in my previous post titled "THE JOCKSTRAP MEDIA."
     In my judgment, one of the worst media "reporters" is CNN's biased "Wolf Blitzer," hence my moniker-title above. He is so bad he has even forgotten to act, he simply spews his venom like an angry cobra.
     It must have been particularly galling to him to have to report about the character at a Trump Rally who hollered "JEW-S-A" so loudly that even CNN had to pick it up! Whether it was a set-up or not, matters little: It was SAID!
     People have lost their jobs, their teaching positions and a lot more for saying things like that. Now, finally, after all these years,  CNN of all places, airs that! Does that mean Wolf Schlitzer is an anti-Semitic?! It is a fair question, because that's what he calls everybody that brings up the subject of Jewish control of media, banking and so on. 
     Perhaps what we owe the flamboyant Trump is a debt of thanks for finally making being outspoken, direct and honest, a mainstream thing. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Political Correctness, which is just another euphemism for communism!
     Will Trump make a difference? That remains to be seen. Personally, I expect more of the same, regardless who is "in power!" But one thing is sure, the World will never be the same!
     CNN asked the question: How did the polls get it wrong? The answer is simple, they were all rigged, slanted or bogus. It was the European SPORTS-BETTERS who had 5 to 1.5 odds on Trump! They got it right! While sports-betting is not permitted in the US, it is popular elsewhere in the world. When more than 135 million dollars were bet as of Election Day morning, that tells a story worth repeating!
     CNN claims the election delivered a stunning rebuke to the elites. Well, that is good news, too. Maybe they need some rude rebuking! CNN also says the World is shocked! Really? Why so, have the Sheeple in the Western World been that asleep at the switch they cannot see what is being done to them?? Perhaps an honest answer is YES! That's what too much socialism will do for the brain!
     Yes, truly folks, we live in interesting times!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



     H.L Mencken was a famous American writer. He once commented that Americans love those who tell the most outrageous lies and hate those who tell them the truth! It is a given that many who follow social media, the Jockstrap Media and others sources of "misinformation," “think” that way!

     During this so called election, I have witnessed more "potty-mouth comments" and "locker-room jockstrap talk" than ever before in my recollection of American elections. What is going on? And why does the media revel in this rubbish? It's simple, they are the Jockstrap Media! They love it!

     Here is my valid question: Why is it that Donald Trump generates so much frenzied negative commentary? Apparently, he scares the jockstraps off the criminals in “Washington, District of Corruption!” You don’t suppose it is because he actually might give those crooks the scare of their lives??????

     As an assistant scoutmaster and Eagle Scout Advisor, I once had an opportunity to mentor many boys including my own son (who became an Eagle Scout); many of those fellows grew up to  become responsible family men. For me, that is the reward for my time well spent! One thirteen year old boy that was an interesting combination of Mexican, Anglo and Jew, once told me something that startled me. He said, “Anyone born before me was born in the Stone Age!” I gaffed it off as silliness, but over time I have come to realize the absolute truth and significance of his comment!

     Stop and think for a minute. How much actual life-experience does a 13 year old have? Maybe two or three years of recollection! How about a 20 year old? Well, maybe ten years of recollection! And the recollection is mostly recent. Unless some traumatic event happened or the person is interested in the past, it is likely the individual will have a low or a short recollection! A 30, 40 and 50 year old may be much the same. The experience gained over time increases, but how much does he or she actually remember from any given time? If born in the US, we take our citizenship for granted and know and often care very little about our true and significant past. Particularly is that true in recent years with the dumbing-down of everyone! As an immigrant who never spoke English before coming over, I never knew anything about America, and had to learn everything from the ground up! So, I have an entirely different "frame of reference!" If a person worked in the media for decades like I did, he will remember news events most people have forgotten! If religious, that will shape his learning and make his understanding different from others. So, it is a given most people are total Sheeple when it comes to remembering, or when it comes to connecting the dots of events to any one particular image!

     That is one BIG reason why different people have such different opinions! When the Jockstrap Media demonizes Trump, people are incensed by the revelations! But the fact that “Killary” is not criticized in the same way, escapes their attention. They focus on what is SAID, and not on what is NOT SAID!! Truth has nothing to do with how people react to shocking allegations!  
      A reality of life is profanity and crudity. I have always hated it, because it speaks of a low vocabulary and is hardly a sign of intelligence. But in locker rooms from middle school up through professional sports, it is common as grass blades on a lawn! In the military, I learned that women can be even more profane than men when I heard WAC'S using the crudest language. Most people use crudity and profanity to make themselves look “bigger!” It has nothing to do with that, but it may very well be an ego problem.

       Hollywierd is THE master at producing sleaze. Some years ago, in 1976, a mystery and horror film titled CARRIE came out. It featured graphic images of a young girl who experienced her first bleeding period in a shower room of a high school and she freaked out because she had no idea what was happening to her! Her more mature girl companions humiliated her to such an extent she was shamed into insanity! My point is, women are sometimes worse than men, so when they react to potty talk displayed in the media they are being pretty hypocritical. Crudity in men does not make them prone to rape or condone it, either. Fathers are pretty protective of their daughters. One 55 year old lady had it right when she said she did not give damn what Trump said when he was young and brash, but she was very interested in what he planned to do as President. She is very wise. Not everyone is like her or has that kind of discernment!

      How many people realize that sleaze has been with us with all our Presidents! Yes it’s true! My recollection goes back to Harry S. Truman! He had a hissy fit, because the media dared criticize his daughter’s public singing! He was famous for the sign on his desk THE BUCK STOPS HERE! Very similar to Trumps YOU’RE FIRED! Truman dropped the atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, two of the most Christian cities in Japan for no other reason that so see what effect it would a have on people! The results spoke for themselves! He was also a lawyer and fixer for the Pendergast Mob who ran Kansas City rackets and the political machine! How many remember that or even know the story? Truman became Vice-President and then President when Franklin Roosevelt died in office!

     Or how about John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was my Commander-in-Chief when I served in the US Army? As president, he was famous for dalliances with actress Marylin Monroe. He and his brother Robert, who was his attorney general, passed Marylin around like a ping pong ball! When JFK’s wife Jacqueline objected, instead of explaining things to Marylin, he dumped her like a rag doll! She called a press conference to “tell all about the Kennedy’s” but failed to show up because she conveniently died of a drug overdose! That’s the fairy tale Los Angeles Police Chief Parker told the media while Coroner Thomas Noguchi said she was murdered! Robert Kennedy was one of last seen with her. The crime scene was “cleaned-up,” and that was not consistent with the story she had an OD! The color of her face had changed which was consistent with cyanide poisoning. Later, both Kennedy’s were assassinated under the most unlikely circumstances.

     Then there was Lyndon Johnson, a notoriously corrupt Texan who gave Israel the atom bomb after Kennedy refused. He covered up the Kennedy Assassination, and lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the Vietnam War. He was not without other scandals as well. Perhaps his most infamous and least known scandal (and completely covered up) is the Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY, one of our intelligence gathering ships. I have detailed that matter in an earlier blog entitled "Remember the USS Liberty!"

     President Carter gave away the Panama Canal, was total inept in so many ways, saying publicly he lusted after women! Such a wonderful deal! Ronald Reagan was no gem either with his polices. His sneaky attempt to install gun control in California was a classic backstabbing. He was caught red-handed, and had to back off.

     The late writer Victor Thorn has dissected the Clinton Mob to such an extent, there is no need to SAY anything further here. They are simply the most corrupt couple on the planet. Hillary Clinton hates women to such an extent it is unnatural. She savaged those who accused her husband of improprieties! Now she uses other women to savage Donald Trump and to lecture the electorate on the subject! Hillary is pure evil and stops at nothing!

     Daniel Hopsaker made a movie about the Bush Family drug-running. The movie was so hot, it was censored. So he ended up writing a book about it. The book is titled “Barry and the Boys,” and names names by the score. The book is readily available and is fascinating reading about how our “glorious leaders” operate. When Barry Seal, the biggest drug runner up to that time, had a disagreement with his handler George Bush, he died in a hail of gunfire in New Orleans. The police found Vice-President’s Bush's telephone number in Seal's pocket! Like Hopsaker notes, life is great, when you are connected!

     This is not meant to be a complete list of all goings on, as that would require a book. My point is that corruption and sleaze is rampant!

     Even funnier are those who identify Trump as “Hitler!” Most people reading this were never around when Hitler was leading the Third Reich. Everything they hear is totally biased he said/she said stuff. Very few understand that Roosevelt, Churchill, Mussolini and Stalin were all also low-life dirt bags beyond redemption! None of them were any good. But Hitler gets the nod!  Of course, if you say that publicly, the Jockstrap Media will call you some well-used, tired, filthy old names!

Take a notice of the following:

   John Kerry, the Vietnam sleazebag and coward (Think Swift Boat Veterans for Truth), and Yale Graduate, a member of the good-old-boys-club of Skull and Bones (see professor Anthony Sutton's books on the subject), complains to Ecuador that Julian Assange is interfering in the American Election. Ecuador responds by cutting off his internet access! Wiki leaks in turn, releases anti-Clinton documents anyway. They are massive and prove corruption on an unprecedented scale! Bill Clinton clues Loretta Lynch (a poor excuse for Attorney General) on how anyone who prosecutes Clinton could be charged with interfering with an election! It is sleazy political theater at its most demented! Can you even imagine the GALL it takes to do this with a straight face??!

     At the same time, a whole bunch of “violated” women suddenly make accusations of bad conduct against Donald Trump, conveniently just before the election! If true, where were they years ago when the events supposedly occurred? It’s all a sideshow of emotion designed to confuse the voters, especially women! If he sues them, it could get ugly! I wonder if, after the election, they will quietly disappear? And the Jewish “ambulance chasing” lawyer Gloria Allred is there to make sure all these girls have free representation! Clinton is seen on video turning her back on a reporter who confronts her on an issue, saying she has no time for “conspiracy theories!” The show goes on, folks! Deny, deny, deny; accuse, accuse, accuse!
     How many of us remember the scandal surrounding show business great  Bill Cosby?? For decades the Jockstrap Media fawned over him. They promoted his Bill Cosby Show as on par with My Three Sons, Mayberry RFD, the Ozzie and Harriet Show, Leave it to Beaver and other TV shows. I remember him best for his playing God in a parody of religion where his famous line was "How long can you Tread Water, Noah?" He was playing the part of God and was having an imaginary discussion with Noah who objected to building the Arc. While funny to some, I did not appreciate it. Working in broadcast I heard all the sleaze about the guy, but could say nothing because it was all hear-say!
     When the allegations surfaced some time back, the Jockstrap Media turned on him like snarling animals! He was induced by his lawyer to answer questions in a deposition for which he was given immunity. Later, another prosecutor tried to use the confidential info as proof of guilt, a no-no in the legal business! As much as I personally despised Bill Cosby for his actions, I cannot ever condone a witch-hunt in which ANYONE is set up! You will be pleased to note that Jewish ambulance-chaser lawyer Gloria Allred was standing by to help! Isn't it convenient and comforting to see how all the same old helpful characters show up every time???!!
     Or how about disgraced golfer Tiger Woods, who got in a spat with his wife over his constant dalliances with other women? In broadcast, I heard some of the stories, but nobody in sports or broadcast said anything, because no-one wanted to be called a "racist!!" When he finally got caught, the Jockstrap Media had a field day, turning on him and savaging him like hyenas out for a kill! Guess what, the same old lawyer was there to give comfort to the women who were "victims!" It is more likely ALL of those women were involved because they wanted to be, especially with a big-name "Tiger!" When is it ever incumbent on folks to remember that they are responsible for their own actions????? An interesting aside is how the entire episode absolutely destroyed Woods personally and professionally. He has never been able to regain his lost momentum! 
     And how could we forget Brian Williams, Mr. Sleaze himself?! He falsely reported, as NBC's anchor, stories about his participation in war reporting! He got caught and "resigned!" Nor must we forget earlier NBC efforts to edit the 911 tape of George Zimmerman. He killed street-thug Trayvon Martin in self defense! NBC operatives clipped the tape so it would look like Zimmerman was some kind of white Racist who deliberately murdered Martin! (Zimmerman is multi-racial, much to the embarrassment of these media clowns!) The NBC tape "clipper" was "fired," of course!  And we have not even begun to describe the over-reporting of white on black crime while ignoring the countless black on white atrocities, or for that matter the thousands of black on black crimes!

     Let me take this opportunity to give you a personal "tidbit" regarding the Jockstrap Media! I had a broadcaster friend who once attended a broadcasters convention. There he met his old high school buddy Roger Mudd! (Yes, that is his name!) At the time, Roger Mudd was a stand-in for veteran CBS newscaster Walter Cronkite. Mudd substituted for Cronkite when Cronkite vacationed, and also on Saturdays, which featured Roger Mudd as a regular. My friend asked Mudd how "he could sit there on TV with a sneer on his face and tell all those stories!" Mudd's reply was an all-time classic! According to my friend, he stated that "THE PURPOSE OF THE PRESS IS NOT TO INFORM!" Nothing like a little delicious candor, folks, straight from the "horses mouth!" He was, of course, right. The purpose of the press is to push "the agenda."

     In spite of all this and much, much more, the Jockstrap Media pours on the coals! Does it take any brains to see that this current election garbage is a 100% manufactured situation? Nope, it shouldn’t! But, some are still blind as bats without radar!
                                   *    *    *
     I hope you learned something new and worthwhile from this little dissertation on the Jockstrap Media. If you want to be informed, it is probably best to ignore everything they say and seek out better sources of information! You will be well rewarded with knowledge and confidence!

Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst