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A Trail in "Devils Garden," Arches National Park

It sometimes can be very depressing to continually view the troubles of the World, and hearing or witnessing the bad news with which we are constantly bombarded. If that were not enough; we have to endure all the financial problems and conspiracies that we learn about. In such situations, we have a CHOICE; we can either endure or circumvent them! It is our duty to make the best choices in such matters! 
There is, however, one constant that provides solace, peace, inspiration and encouragement. It is easily available; found everywhere. For me it is necessary to seek out and observe such opportunities! Here, I want to share a few examples with you!

 Climbing a "Fin" in Arches National Park

Regardless of Mankind’s foibles and ability to create mischief and mayhem, Mother Nature is pretty consistent.  She has her tempers, too, with both storm and eruptions. But, she also has created some of the most delightful scenery and experiences for those who take the time to view and experience it all. It reminds us how LUCKY we really are and why it is so important to have our heads screwed on correctly while many others are losing their heads!

Arches National Park Composite
There are some things in life that are a "Must-See." Arches National Park located in the Four-Corner area of southeast Utah, is definitely on that list. The utterly incredible scenery, the shapes of the rocks, the "arches" both formed and still forming, are food for the soul.  The area is constantly changing with wind, water and sand at work. The rocks that resist erosion result in new forms and shapes. The "primitive trails” (That means those that go over and around rocks, fins and slopes and through washes are "marked" with cairns!), is what makes this place soooo special. And having a hiking companion that appreciates it all as I do, is a must! Thanks so much to my daughter Inga for being there with me! It was a splendid experience!

"Delicate Arch" Composite
This was our hike to "Delicate Arch," one of the most well-known attractions in Arches National Park! The trail starts out a paved one, then rapidly disappears into Slick-Rock, follows a watercourse or two marked by Cairns, and then goes up the north face of a rock overlooking an arch-in-the-making. Suddenly, around a corner at Trails-End we come upon Delicate Arch, sitting on the edge of a cliff. It is a lone survivor of the forces of erosion at work here. Most people seem to want to be pictured "under the arch" for some reason. Regardless, the size of the attraction is obvious from looking at the "ant-like" folks who go there!
                                   * * *

Returning to home ground during a gentle Spring Rain after our trip to Arches, I found a great sight that did not require travel at all! The Sky opened....the Sun peeped out....and lo! There is a "pot o' Gold" at the end of a Rainbow! That's a fairy tale, of course, as we all know. But the Rainbow (actually a DOUBLE one) is a sight to behold! I wonder if it’s a stretch to say there are TWO “pots o’ Gold” here! At days end, the sun peeked out and for a ten minute period, the hillside was bathed in brilliant light as is always the case after a rain. The angle of the light was such as to create a double rainbow! More food for the soul!

Written, Photographed and Posted by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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