Thursday, December 28, 2017


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Here is how to order your copy of our book

John Friend's interview with the author can be found on his website The Realist John is a regular reporter for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and a writer for the history magazine THE BARNES REVIEW. Just copy and paste the following link into your browser:

You can now hear Andy Carrington Hitchcock's interview with the
 author at the following web address (copy and paste into your browser):

It's easy to order! This 470 page book with 300 pictures, many in color, is $25 plus $5 Postage and Handling in the US. It is sent in a specially designed carton by Media Mail for blemish-free and secure delivery.

Send a Check or Money Order with your correct MAILING ADDRESS to HOMEFRONT PUBLISHING, Box 55, Moyie Springs, ID 83845. Allow three weeks for delivery. 
Contact us at for our account information for direct deposit. 
We DO NOT accept Credit Cards.

Our European friends can order using direct deposit. Shipping and Handling is 45USD. That includes fees imposed by our bank. Funds must be received in USD. We know this is an unreasonable amount, but we do not set postage rates! Our preferred method of payment for overseas buyers is INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS made payable in USD. Shipping and Handling is 35USD by Money Order.

We also now have a FACEBOOK PAGE: HOMEFRONT PUBLISHING which contains the same information listed here! 

Here is a full page ad for AN IMMIGRANT REMEMBERS, which provides more information about the book! 

We have been asked to display a sample page from
So, here is what the quality, color, text and format 
of the book's inside (Chapter Three heading page 136) looks like:

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