Monday, January 9, 2017



     Lately, I have noticed an almost panicked sense of desperation on the part of the "elite!" I have written about this before, but now things seem to be so far out in left field one has to wonder if there is not some sort of insanity involved. WAPO, (the Washington Post), NYT, (the New York Times), the CIA, the FBI, the ADL and countless other groups both in and out of government seem to have lost not only their moral compass, but their actions can easily be classified as those of diseased, rambling idiots! It is best to take much of what they say with a great dose of skepticism!
     The amount of nonsense that is being disseminated by so-called "elite" media, is mind-blowing. It seems they are so panicked about independent media and individual bloggers that there is an effort made to not just discredit some of them, but to try to tie them into being agents for who knows what.
     There are lists floating around accusing some of these people of being "Russian Agents" or worse. Of course, there is never any solid proof presented, just wild unsubstantiated claims! And it is repeated over and over again like a mantra! After a while it loses its credibility to many. However, to those who are influenced, it only makes them bigger "believers!"
     The upside to all this, of course, is that such attacks would not be made if it were not that independent media is taking over much of the ground occupied by the "elite" media! The  "elite media" is losing readership and listeners at an alarming rate. The pages of newspapers keeps shrinking!  It is no wonder. There has been so much false information, so many lies, so much social brainwashing and so much ignored material that people naturally gravitate elsewhere to find information. It does not matter where the blog or website is located. What matters is simply this: IS THE INFORMATION CORRECT, RELIABLE and/or HONEST? 
     The simplest way to judge if information is accurate or not is to simply spot check and see if you can verify it. If it CANNOT be verified, then logic says it probably is bogus. Most people have enough judgment to determine for themselves what is relevant to THEM. What people don't need is a bunch of self-styled professional fanatics telling them what to think or how to think, or behave!
     I have found that reading everything is a good plan, then investigate or spot check for yourself. If it is consistently reliable and constantly bashed by the media, it probably is correct!
     As an aside, the web site Market Slant carries a series of articles on the charges made by the American intelligence community that have all the appearance of hot air. They also point out quite correctly, that no one, I repeat no one, has claimed the Wiki leaks information is WRONG! The focus seems desperate!
     Years ago it was the "world is flat" lie that was told, literally under penalty of death.
      In five hundred years, little has changed! Let the buyer beware!
     Enough said!

Look upon the "Elite Media" as a perennial "Snow-Job!"

Photographed and Posted
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst

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