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The following article was started earlier this month, and it was finished being penned on January 14, 2017. It was intended to be released after inauguration day. However, because of breaking news on the internet, we release this sooner than intended: published January 17, 2017

The “Natural Superiority” 

     What a true shame! No wonder Nobama is shedding tears in public. His entire eight years of “dupe and change” has almost come to an inglorious end! It should not have! He should have appointed himself Emperor for Life! It must be hard for a man like him to accept his demise, a man who truly believes that the “Natural Superiority” of the African Brain could build a better mousetrap to enslave us all! Now, his “legacy” is ending up being dumped by a “no-count” run-down “albino” like Donald Trump! If I seem just a trifle bit sarcastic, or I'm exaggerating just a  tad, and the title of this article seems a parody, that is because it has to be! Humor is often the best medicine and a great way to tell a story!

      But now let's get serious!

     Here I need to introduce my readers to a man I truly admire. I quote what he had to say about Obama a few years back in time. He is the great American Indian writer, Professor Yeagley. 

 Dr. David A Yeagley 1952-2014
Dr. David Yeagley was the son of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. He wrote eight books on topics from the the Pahlavi Dynasty (The Shah of Iran) to theology. He also is a musician and has painted pictures and worked as a professor of theology. His ancestor, Bad Eagle lost the war with the United States, but instead of whining and complaining like some Negroes and Jews, he sought to bring his people into American society while maintaining their culture. More detailed information on this interesting man can be found by copying and pasting this link:


     Here is what Dr. Yeagley stated in an interview before his all-too-untimely death: “Obama is a clown on a very large scale, representing the sinister will of the anti-Americans who put him there. He is a blackhead on the infected pustule of Democratic Communism that is ready to burst with tyranny. It is not “hope and change,” but “hope to change”: Hope to change America into a Communist country. That’s the liberal plan, for a century now. Obama is a most negative, destructive force, in every way, in every economic value, every social value, every moral value, and every American constitutional value. He is a Communist using his skin as a cover. America is getting exactly what it deserves for its uncontrolled pity of the Negro. Obama was elected for the very reason he is a lying black man. Any people who are not honest at heart love liars. The Negro element was just the door for such a liar as Obama to prance through.”

     I seriously doubt that anyone could describe the situation better than the way Professor Yeagley did!

     For my own account, I remember being called some awful names almost nine years ago for suggesting that this “new kid on the block” who used the pen-name Barack Obama, was a disaster for America. His mentor was once a crazy young radical named William Ayers, who then introduced Obama to the world, helping him get “elected” as a senator from Illinois! Then all too quickly, he became “presidential timber!” The compliant agenda-driven press helped cement that inglorious thought in our heads! William Ayers is famous for his ties to the Weather Underground, a radical Communist group from decades ago, who among other things, thought it was a great sport to try to bomb the House of Representatives. I remember that with horror. Now Ayers is a “respected college professor” whose past is conveniently a "conspiracy theory" or “never news.” Those of us who tried to point out Obama’s Communist leanings were again showered with love-filled praises!

    Eventually, one Jeremiah Wright popped into the public eye. He was described as Obama’s pastor and spiritual advisor who created a furor with his very unholy comment “God Damn America!” He was referring to 911, but in his outburst, was completely mistaken about the perpetrators! However, much of America’s mesmerized “Sheeple” did not care. They had their glorious Naturally Superior Black Savior and Leader who would rescue us from the likes of the horrible "Bushites!" I remember Obama getting applause for his promise he would be president for ALL AMERICANS! If you don’t remember he actually said that, I invite you to go back and review some of the old videos! They are a fine refresher course in “dupe and change!” As Professor Yeagley pointed out, Obama is a lying black man!

     I remember the inauguration of this Black Emperor. “This Land is your Land” was sung with gusto at the event by Seeger and company. That happens to be one of my favorite songs, originally released by the very popular and talented Carter Family as “The World’s on Fire!” But, who remembers them, right?! (You can search U-tube for the Carter Family if you like!) After all, the world was now black as coal. Ever since then, Obama has done everything he could to bring into government every lying black misfit he could find. Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and Rahm Emanuel were some of his most popular, high-profile henchmen. Today, Holder is still “holding” his finger in the Washington Pie and Rahm Emanuel is supervising Chicago, one of the most crime-prone areas in the US. Interestingly, while eviscerating whites with all their tribal rhetoric, blacks were constantly being disenfranchised through false sense of “superiority.” Not only has black-on-black violence escalated mercilessly, it has all but destroyed the black family itself in the US to a point where the destruction may have passed the point of no return, and therefore not reversible. It does not take a rocket-scientist to study the crime statistics and determine that the majority of serious crime and mayhem America is black or brown oriented. These people are simply acting out their own natural tribal instincts, and they cannot help it! For correctly pointing this out, we are abused with all kinds of clever words that are meant to kill our reputation and our ability to make a living!

     An honest reporter named Colin Flaherty wrote a book called “White Girl Bleed a Lot” about black-on-white violence in America and how the press deliberately lies about it. The sequel is “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.” His U-tube Videos are updated regularly. This is all a result of Obama’s “legacy” of “dupe and change!”

     Then there was the orchestrated furor over Obama’s birth, something the courts basically swept under the rug. His grandmother says he was born in Kenya. That’s good enough for me. That means he was not eligible to be president and therefore not legitimate. Those who questioned his qualifications were sarcastically pigeon-holed as “conspiracy theorists” and “birthers!” Well, interesting enough, his Royal Blackness trotted out a manufactured “birth certificate.” His demented fans were “relieved,” but it is a phony. They did not have computer printouts in the 1960’s (All documents were PREPRINTED FORMS that were filled in with a typewriter), and they did not refer to blacks as “African Americans,” as the phony certificate states! That term had not yet been invented!  Indeed, they were properly called “Negroes!” The dummies that prepared the phony certificate were not sharp enough to comprehend their glaring errors! There is nothing like a few slip-ups to give away the “game!” Of course, again, we were called some splendid things for daring to question this lying black man!

     The fact such a presidential moron needed a teleprompter to tell him what to say and when to say it, is a first, in my estimation. It did, however, create some comical situations. The one I enjoyed most was when he was caught on tape babbling like a Barbary ape when the teleprompter stopped working! The results were quickly clipped out of the original tape! We can’t let the “Sheeple” have proof of his true “natural superiority!” I still hear from people with a "college ed-chew-kay-shun" who tell me with a straight face how "intelligent" Obama is! Such people are, as Dr. Yeagley states, not honest at heart, therefore they love liars!

     I also was absolutely amazed he had enough gall, revealing that if he had a son, he would be like Trayvon Martin, the black thug who was killed in self-defense by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a mixed-race man whom the “fake news” press tried to pawn of as “white!” It is good to know that Obama has his heart in the right place when it comes to priorities like raising a good Thuggee” type of son! (For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Thuggee,” be sure to look it up using your favorite search engine. “The Cult of Thuggee,” was professional, hereditary assassins in India for centuries…… When the British ruled much of India, they tried to stamp them out, but never succeeded.)

     His executive orders, which are mostly illegal, gave away his true intentions better than anything. Releasing criminals back onto the street in large numbers, both legal and illegal, shows what a country-wrecker he really is! His pushing prosecution of white crime and glossing over black crime further shows the man’s agenda, prejudice and hypocrisy! His comments about white families and others not having a right to home school was another. His Obamacare is the biggest financial swindle and disaster to date. Recently he gushed there were no scandals of importance in his administration! What a liar! The list is endless! 
     Am I glad to see his Royal Natural Superiority retire to the trees? Yes! He promised his Kenyan brothers he would go back there “after presidency.” I hope he does. I also hope he likes it well enough to stay there. It will be a blessing!

     Perhaps his Royal Blackness will visit the 90 year old tyrant Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, who has made such a marvelous economy out of the horrible ashes of "White Supremacy!" His publicly expressed dislike of whites is most telling! His killing of whites and stealing their lands is legendary! Or maybe Obama can get together with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, who also is a bastion of great works, including the systematic slaughter of those awful White Apartiders who, after all, are responsible for all the mistakes of Africa! It funny how these clowns forget that everything they have and use daily is a product of the white man’s work and influence! If all the white man has created is so bad, why don’t these morons drop all the modern tools they have been given, and go back to spear-chucking and swinging-in-the-trees? That way they will have no one to blame for anything! No, the simple truth is, they just want power and nothing more. Those “Elite” types who sponsor and help elect these "swamp donkeys" have a vested interest in this. There is a price to pay, of course, and it is precisely why Africa is a complete disaster.

     We could go on, but there is no need.  Instead let's quote from Professor Yeagley again:

"White people need to be proud of their accomplishments. It is the white race which has created what's best in the world today. It is the Great White Throne. It took centuries to build. Of course, where there is greatness, there is great error. However, it is better to be strong, otherwise you will simply be controlled by whoever is stronger. That is never the preferred position in the world. It has been said that the white man’s weakness is his conscience." (These verbatim comments are taken from an interview with Professor Yeagley before his death. He was an unabashed believer in the right of all peoples to govern themselves, liked to use the title "American Indian" and found nothing wrong with being called a "savage," as he maintained all need to be savage when it comes to defending their own peoples! The block-buster interview was conducted and written by writer Pete Papaherakles, and printed in THE BARNES REVIEW history magazine November/December 2014 issue.)

Dr. David A. Yeagley 1952-2014

      So, now that we have elected an “albino,” what can we expect from him? Well, let’s see. I for one, will give it some time, and I will look at and analyze whatever develops. That is the fair thing to do. Either Donald Trump will help correct some of the problems created by Obama. Or maybe he won’t or can’t or won’t be allowed to. Maybe he will be stymied the whole way. He has some very angry people in the so called “intelligence community” to rein in. Last time a president tried that was back in John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s time, and we all know what happened to him! 
     The press is so hostile to Donald Trump it has all the earmarks of a verbal gang rape. So, my question is this, will Donald Trump be saddled with some kind of disaster so that his kind of thinking is completely discredited? That way, another lying Communist can be “elected” in 2020! Or do we have a legitimate reason to hope for better times?

     I, for one, will look for better times, but it is best to keep both eyes open. It is likely that the same old "Elitist retards" are still running or influencing the show!

Quotes from Dr. David A.Yeagley
Commentary written
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst


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