Monday, March 6, 2017



 The following Exclusive story is from the Daily Mail on line Friday March 3rd 2017 and penned by Leon Wagner. We just post the headlines and not the full story. The photographs are from the same article and credit fully given on each one..........

 EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama's close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his new DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump
  • Obama's goal  is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment, a family friend tells Daily
  • Jarrett has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion to work closely with the former president and Michelle Obama
  • Jarrett lived in the White House, dined with the Obamas, and helped shape his domestic and foreign policies
  • Obama cannot use his West End office, a post-presidency perk, for political purposes
  • 'He's coming. And he's ready to roll.' former Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday about the former president's reentry into the political scene

 Nobama and Valerie Jarret

 Exciting, isn't it? And we thought we were done with the clown! According to the article, Nobama is so upset with the way President Donald Trump has diminished his "legacy" that he is willing to do "whatever it takes" to make some changes.
Now we can begin to understand that the orchestrated unbelievable one-sided media coverage of the Trump Candidacy as well as his first days in office are part of a greater plan to either blame Trump for anything they can cook up or to make life as miserable as possible for his Presidency.

This blogger has purposely not commented much on the Trump phenomenon simply because the man needs some space to develop his plans, whatever they may be. There are those who say that Trump has done more in his first thirty days in office than Nobama managed to do in eight years, and that very well may be true. Regardless, it is obvious that the whole show needs to be watched very carefully and the reports questioned at every turn.

There is another story that bears telling. Trump has accused CNN of being "FAKE NEWS!" He is 100% correct. But here is a little known story that just surfaced from Horn News February 27th, 2017 which reports that a federal judge has slapped CNN, denying their motion to dismiss in a $30 million dollar lawsuit!
Here is a partial text of the story:

Critics of CNN just got some very good news. President Donald Trump’s accusation that the media conglomerate is “very fake news” was just backed-up in a federal court in Georgia.

Now, when Trump accuses CNN of peddling biased news reports, he’ll have a federal court’s ruling to refer to as proof.
While Judge Orinda Evans didn’t outright declare the network “fake news,” she did rule the network was guilty of a “series of false and defamatory news reports” concerning Davide Carbone, the former CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center.
“The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice,” the court’s decision read, released Feb. 15th.

During her ruling on the $30 million lawsuit against CNN, Judge Evans ruled the corporate media giant purposefully manipulated numbers and reported with bias.

She took “aim at the network in an initial judgment in favor of a former hospital CEO who sued CNN accusing them of purposely skewing statistics to reflect poorly on a West Palm Beach hospital,” according to LawNewz, which reported on the lawsuit ruling earlier this month.

“Judge Evans didn’t mince words in her 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, and [dismissed] CNN’s attempt to get it thrown out of court.”

Conservatives have accused CNN of being biased and unfair for years.

Now, at least in this one instance, a federal court agrees.

Yes, good people, we sure do live in "interesting times!" And our best guess is they will get "interestinger and interestinger" as time goes on, to coin a phrase!



Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 


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