Wednesday, July 6, 2016



Happy Fourth of July, Courtesy of FBI Fireworks!

"It is so nice to see the Federal Bureau of Incompetence is on the job, making their wonderful, praise-worthy decision regarding Pillary Plimton's Email Scandal!" So said Senator Bullshits-ski in Washington DC (District of Corruption) in his response to a reporter's question about the decision. "After all," he continued, "Everyone knows its was just another attempt by Donald Dump to discredit one of the finest leaders ever to grace our shores!"

Wow, the Washington Merry-go-Round is at it again, with our top leaders saying exactly the right things at the right time! Undoubtedly, supporters of Plimpton will breathe a collective sigh of relief, now that this so-called "scandal" is behind us! What is there not to like or trust about such fine, moral, upstanding leaders?!

Even President Ebony, the Gorilla look-alike in the "Black House" in Washington made it plain when he gushed unabashedly that Pillary was the only candidate fit to rule! So now, he maintained, our great land can look forward to another four more years of great prosperity! That way, "dupe and change," which the president so admires, may be expected to continue!

Also getting into the act was Senator Change-my-Mind, who takes a position on just about everything and then, naturally, changes it! Now, he states that he would be proud to serve under a woman who is in a position to bring the exalted fairer sex into its rightful position of leadership! Men's days are numbered, the good senator maintains, and so therefore women need to put their best foot forward! Naturally, Plimpton is the best example of courageous, honest and moral leadership the senator concluded.

Yes, good people, that is today's latest parody from Washington, District of Corruption. Don't complain, smile and take it "like a man!"

Fallout from the Splendid FBI decision!

Photos and Parody by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst 

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