Friday, September 25, 2015


The Plum Cat!

You may wonder why I love this cat. And you may even wonder why I call her "The Plum Cat!" There are many reasons, actually!
I suppose I could say I am "plum crazy" about the creature who is very loyal and follows me around like a child. She helps me pick strawberries and anything else by getting in the way! How is one not to like such a creature?!
I suppose I could say she is affectionate and grateful for the food and drink I give her. She gives me company and loyalty, so those are all good reasons. But the name is purely due to her penchant for liking to climb fruit trees! And if the occasion occurs, she will climb the Plum Tree and sit there among the brambles and look "Plum Happy!" She also is very curious and will inspect anything and everything. She even takes to climbing the greenhouse to see what my repair job is all about! She is, after all, "Plum Crazy" about everything!

Written, Photographed and Posted by
Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst
September 2015

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